How to Properly Prepare for a Hike

I have found the following sentence to be infinitely true. Anything and everything imaginable are more suited for easier and a more successful attempt when planning and preparation is involved. And while this statement serves true for most activities and life’s daily moments or events, it holds an especially greater meaning when talking about some of life’s more thought provoking and important decisions.

For example: one may be able to navigate and successfully pull off a free lance, impromptu, dash through the aisles of your local Walmart or Target and leave with most everything you thought you came in search of. To then make it home and face a simmering realization you forgot a needed ingredient for tonight’s risotto… or the deeper disappointment of having to make a second trip out for that pesky bag of ice you forgot to snag on your way back home. As mundane as these thing are in the greater scheme of things, they still can serve as example of how a checklist serves a greater purpose. Organizational skills in general help you to master life smallest and grandest challenges.

The stakes are often exponentially increased as the scenarios in which one doesn’t properly prepare are changed. Starting a business, “doomsday preppers” , purchasing a home.. All become things that increasingly need the use of planning and punch lists. And believe it or not..

A creating and following a checklist can be the difference between life and death or making it home at night. This brings me to my target example of Outdoorsman activities, more specifically,  hiking.

For those who have hiked previously or do it recreationally, you may already know the importance  of planning a successful trip. Because three miles in is not the time or place to notice you forgot to bring a supply of water today. Or to be found in the thick unforgiveness of nature.. when nature calls and you have to resort to foliage because you didn’t reload on toiletries for the trip. Luckily, creating and maintaining a’ll the gear for safe, fun and successful hikes is made easy with the use of the simple design of this wildlife hike checklist. Follow the format from the first to the last step every time and never find yourself lost in the woods.

I always heard that a failure to plan becomes a plan to fail. This easy to read format gives you the critical information  on what to bring on the day of your hike. Make sure you have the proper attire and footwear for the area you will be exploring. Make and follow through with a plan to have adequate food and water for the duration of your trip and for all persons accompanying. Bring an GPS tracker for hiking to keep yourself and family safe in hiking & camping. Along with bringing  any other navigational equipment and other tools needed to flourish along  your way.  Bring along any health and hygiene materials you will be needed for he however many hours or days you plan on spending.  Every individual or group that participates in  hiking needs to always have a properly stocked first aid kit in case of minor accidents and emergencies. And lastly pack any additional items you might want to bring for a more enjoyable experience  (i.e, hammock, camera, mobile phone charger).

So without any question research the area you plan on hiking. Know what to expect and follow this hiking prep checklist.

Hiking Packing Checklist




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