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Many countries have been using different types of bidets for hygienic reasons but also because toilet paper is expensive and hard to produce. People in the West are now slowly getting rid of toilet paper and adopting bidets.  Not only are they doing this for environmental reasons but also for hygienic reasons. Bidets are actually great for a clean bottom and wash away all impurities, making you feel fresh and clean. The newest gadget that’s about to hit the markets is Sonny, a portable bidet. We all know toilet paper doesn’t really clean us 100% and there’s usually a chance something has been left behind. Flushable wipes may be more hygienic but are even worse for the environment and clog up the sewage system. The best solution for a clean bottom and for less strain on the environment is water. It actually takes more water to produce toilet paper than to wash your bum.

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This new bidet is small and portable and requires no installation. The water can simply be filled into a removable water chamber. The nozzle head is retractable with just a slide of a button.  The Sonny bidet has a sophisticated design and is rechargeable. It can be charged within 1 hour and can be used for 3 weeks with 2x a day usage on a single charge. It also has an antibacterial nozzle head and two settings – normal or high pressure. According to the designers, you could save up to 1,739 gallons of water/year by giving up toilet paper. The problem with most bidets is they are expensive and need some sort of installation which prevents people from making the switch and of course they are not portable like the Sonny.

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If you are one of those people that want to make less of an impact on the environment, this product is currently in the works you can back this project on Indiegogo. It’s already well surpassed its goal with still a month to go.



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  1. Newsflash: it doesn’t work! With a paltry 100ml of water, terrible battery life issues, it just spreads your crap around your ass. Doesn’t clean or disinfect either. Yuck! Terrible idea. Holy crap! On the go? Just use paper first, biodegradable, antibacterial wipes next. Easy as abc.


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