How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Gaming

Nothing is worse than having your game lag while you are in the middle of a nest of zombies, or surrounded by online players ready to take you out. Many controllers have met their demise to such internet issues. Even a television or two have had to be replaced in a hurry.

Before even attempting to play an online game, it may be a promising idea to check your connection and optimize it. There are a few ways that this can be done. Start with the one that is easiest for you to accomplish and go from there.

  • Connection-If you want the best connection possible with your current set up you will need to wire your game system, or computer, directly into the modem. A wireless router will never have a better connection than is possible with a direct wire.
  • Speed Test-You will want to do a speed test to find out if the problem lies with your service, or if it is on your end. There is no reason to try and boost your connection if you do not have the service to allow for it. Your speed should be at least at 3Mbps, if its not you need to consider a new service provider, or at least one that is faster. You can go online and the iSelect best NBN plans can be found by using their online comparison platform.
  • Modem and Router-Now would be a suitable time to reset your equipment. If you have been around technology at all you know that every now and then every device needs to be reset to optimize the system. If you do not know how it is quite simple. Unplug the wire from the back of them and unplug them for a few minutes. Wait for five just to be safe. Plug everything back in and wait for it to turn on and connect. You should now be able to start blowing things up.
  • Placement-If the house that you are in has no other way to have internet than to use wireless you will need to make sure it is placed properly. It needs to be in a central location, away from the kitchen. Anything like the microwave that uses frequencies can interfere with your signal. Make sure that it is not placed in a corner where it is stifled by numerous walls.
  • Wireless Extender-Like mentioned before, if you must use a wireless set up it may be in your best interest to use some wireless extenders. These are devices that can be placed around your house by plugging them into an outlet. It will boost your signal from that point, making it possible to have good speeds throughout your house.
  • Viruses-These nasty little buggers can cause you havoc when trying to play a game online. Many hackers troll online gamers because they know that most of them have at least one credit card, or bank account, attached to their games. Just in case they need to upgrade a weapon or unlock a new player.

Those are the basic steps when it comes to optimizing your internet connection. If your connection is fast, and you have enough broadband width for your home, it may be time to invest in some new equipment. This does not mean go out and by a new console with all the bells and whistles. It means that you need to invest in a new router and modem. If they are over five years old, they are outdated and need replaced anyway.

Outdated internet equipment will guarantee that you lag just enough to get killed by the invaders. Update them now, and change internet providers if needed. Once that is completed, you can get to shooting, driving, and building.




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