Some things to Know about Using Clay Bar for Auto-Detailing

It feels great to have your vehicle looking all bright and shiny. To achieve this, auto detailing is one of the things that you have to take seriously.

For those that are not aware of what auto detailing is, this is all about keeping or making your vehicle look great. However, it is a cosmetic process rather than a mechanical one.

It requires the use of certain items and the clay bar is an example. It is also a procedure that pays attention to both the vehicle’s interior and exterior parts. If you are interested in finding out more about auto-detailing, you can read this.

Having the right items is important if your car detailing procedure will turn out well. This is why you need to know what you need for this process. The clay bar as explained above could be one of the required items.

We have deliberately stated that it could be one of those tools because there are now alternatives. This is because a clay mitt or clay towel can be used instead. However, you should know that the clay bar is the traditional option and offers a lot of benefits.

Well, you are about to find out more about using it for auto-detailing right here. So, you are strongly advised to keep reading and to pay rapt attention as you do so.

It Is The Cheapest Option

You need something with abrasive features to get contaminates off your vehicle’s clear coat and paintwork at large. These are special items that can offer the abrasive quality needed.

Well, you should know right away that clay bars can do just that. But more than this, it is the cheapest alternative for those that need to get this part of the auto-detailing job done. The cost of getting it is a lot less than what is obtainable with clay – mitts, and towels.

It Should Not be Used Alone

The clay bar’s primary work is to rid the vehicle’s clear coat of contaminants that have stuck. However, you cannot use it right away. You need to do certain things before using it.

First of all, you are strongly advised to wash the car. After doing this, you should apply a lot of clay lube to the affected surface. It is after this that you can begin to use it.

You should also use car clothes that are good enough to clean afterward. The right car cloth would not complicate things by leaving scratches. It would also take away contaminates that have not stuck yet.

Handle the Clay Bar with Care

This important auto-detailing item has to be handled with care. You should make sure it does not end up on the ground. If this happens, you would be unable to use this item because of how it works.

A clay bar that has fallen to the ground will pick up dirt that can negatively impact the auto-detailing process if it is used afterward. So, handle it with care. Once you are done, you should keep it in the nylon or plastic casing that is designed to contain it.

Can be Used several Times

This is one of the major highlights of this auto-detailing tool. Aside from being the cheapest, it is economical in the sense that it can be used over and over again.

It has a flexible feel that allows the user to knit it into various forms. So, you can get so many new sides out of it.

Be that as it may, you should not abuse the fact that it can be used over and over again. To get the best out of it, you are not advised to use it any more than 6 – 7 times. You might even decide to make it as few as four times. You would get the best out of it this way.

Get the Right Grade

There are many grades of this auto-detailing product. By and large, they range from very fine to very aggressive or heavy-duty grades.

The truth is that the very aggressive ones are rarely used. This is because most of the auto-detailing jobs would only require clay bars within the very fine to medium range.

You just have to identify the auto-detailing needs of your vehicle and get the right grade. For more on this subject, you can visit:


The truth is that there are alternatives to using the clay bar as pointed out here. However, it is the most traditional option and has its advantages especially in terms of cost. This article has also discussed some other subjects that center on this auto-detailing item and hope that you make the right auto-detailing decisions going forward.




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