How to Make the Most of a One Night Stand

If you are having a lot of casual sex, you are bound to reach a point when it becomes dull. You may be hooking up with a random stranger every night, but how do you make the most out of each encounter?

It’s easy to lose steam in your sex life by having a series of uninteresting one night stands. However, just because you’ve had a series of dull encounters doesn’t mean you can’t continue to spice things up. With that being said, here’s a guide to help you make the most out of a one night stand.

1. Be clear with your objectives

Right off the bat, it’s important to know why you are looking for a one night stand in the first place. Are you doing it out of fun or are you seeking a long-term hookup? Having a sexual encounter for the sake of it can be dull; you need to have a good enough reason.

2. Give yourself time for relaxation

When it comes to casual sex, confidence counts a great deal. Your body and mind has to feel relaxed and comfortable when you are with someone new. Before you go out looking for the perfect partner to spend the night with, treat yourself to a massage or anything that puts your mind at ease.

3. Master your approach

First impressions are important. When you eye someone from across the bar, the first few moments should be spent on building a genuine attraction. This sets the mood for what happens later. All you need is to approach the person and come up with a proper opener; you wouldn’t want to pull up overused pick up lines or buy them a drink right then and there. Simply ask if they are having a good time. Eventually, you’ll get a response, start a conversation, and eventually end up under the sheets.

4. Talk about safety

Even if you have had a few drinks together, you and the other person should talk about safety. There should always be an element of trust, even for a connection that will only last overnight. Have a genuine conversation about safety so the two of you won’t spend the next morning talking awkwardly about the risk of pregnancy or infection.

5. Size each other up

The secret to satisfying sex lies in having a good idea of what the other person wants to do in bed. If you feel like the other person has a kinky side, you can suggest using quality sex toys fro stores like PinkCherry. On the other hand, you might want the experience to be more romantic and intimate than adventurous. Either way, you need to spend time sizing up your partner’s personality and get them to reveal what they expect from you.

We all have to admit that there is no exact formula for the perfect one night stand, but using these tips can help maximize the chances of having an adventurous night with someone new.




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