How To Attain Your Goals: Don’t Talk About Them

Watching this TED talk reminded me of a simple truth I realized years ago but never gave more than brief reflection; talking about your goals bleeds your mind of all ambition to complete them. This may not be true for everyone, but I’ve found that the mere mention of a particular goal or worthwhile habit I intend to work towards is enough to sate my mind and guarantee that I probably won’t actually go through with it.

It’s interesting that this should happen, because logically it makes sense to tell people what you plan to achieve or work towards. They may provide support, and their congratulations and praise should propel you towards you goal… not so.

Keep Your Goals to Yourself

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This brief talk by Derek Sivers explains why talking about your goals is a form of masturbation for your ego, and a simple way to avoid it.



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1 thought on “How To Attain Your Goals: Don’t Talk About Them”

  1. There are two thoughts on this sharing of goals. Both schools of thought are valid. Focusing on your goals individually and with great energy keeps the fire stoked and it is perfect for people who loose energy when they share their goals with others.
    The other side is those who gain momentum from sharing their goals openly with those they trust and care about. For people who can gain greater strength and power from sharing their goals with people who will hold them to the tasks and discuss them you premise diminishes their power. There are so many examples of people openly sharing a goal and achieving it to refute your premise. Babe Ruth pointing to the wall before hitting a home run, Joe Namath promising victory, Thomas Edison saying he will invent the electric light bulb in spite of the scientists of the time trying to get him committed.
    Both sides can be right here.


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