How Influential CEO Anthony Malascalza Overcame Obstacles to Reach the Top

We all face challenges; however, how we handle them determines whether they will make us or break us. While some choose to give up, others embrace both the good and bad days and make the best out of every moment. By choosing to push forward despite the many obstacles in his way, Anthony Malascalza has built a successful marketing company from the ground up. Today his story is a source of inspiration to both young and old. His story also proves that obstacles shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams.

Born to a middle-class family, Anthony watched his family struggle to make ends meet. He dropped out of college to try his luck in entrepreneurship; however, that was challenging as he had no experience, no capital, no knowledge, or support. All Anthony had was just a dream, a dream to make it big and help his community.

Determined to live his dreams, he was not ready to let anything hold him back. “Your current circumstance shouldn’t determine your future,” says Anthony. Living life not knowing where to get money for his next meal, Anthony wanted a future where he could have financial freedom. To achieve that dream, he knew he had to start working towards it.

Through hard work, determination and effort, Anthony got together some capital to start his first-ever company, a door-to-door sales company. At the time, Anthony was 21 years old. As he ran the company, he was also learning more about the market through books or others in the industry. Anthony’s strong work ethic, excellent customer service, and brand credibility helped him stand out, and his company started rising higher.

At 27 years old, Anthony made his first million, joining the millionaire’s club. His company was also doing exceptionally well, and they had become a go-to. Years down the line, Anthony has expanded the company and has over 150 independent contractors. LCM INC is now an industry leader.

While he had so many reasons to give up, Anthony chose not to and followed his dreams no matter what it took. According to Anthony, his flexibility, passion for entrepreneurship, and drive are what kept him pushing. When Anthony sets his mind on something, he makes it his mission to see it to the end. When facing different obstacles, he saw them as an opportunity to help him grow and learn new skills. “Life challenges have made me invincible, and nothing can stop me from achieving all my goals,” says Anthony.

His advice is to follow your dreams and know that nothing is impossible. “Regardless of age, where you are from, who you know, or level of education, with a determined spirit, you can attain your goals,” notes Anthony. He adds, “Although some challenges may look harder than others, every problem has a solution.” Always search for the silver lining, remain positive, and believe in your dreams.

Asked about the future, Anthony hopes to expand his company and grow it into one of the largest door-to-door sales companies globally and to have sales offices across the USA. He also wants to open a free mentorship program/school to teach young entrepreneurs how to become successful and also empower those from less fortunate backgrounds through the mantra that if he did it, they can too.



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