How Important Is Design To A Startup

Hired labor is going through bad times. Self-employment is not only more attractive but also an authentic source of income. At the same time, up to 90% of those who start their own business fail for various reasons. What role does design play in all this?

The priority of the content side, indicators of its uniqueness, and the significance of the idea are undeniable. Is it appropriate to return to the question of visual design?

We perceive 90% of information about the world through our eyes. The novice businessman may dispute this fact. But according to studies, 78% of market participants, when talking about the priority components of design, the most important, named its aesthetics. 

Large companies insist on the fundamental role of design in a startup. Many of them would not be able to boast such impressive successes if their management did not estimate the benefits of rational design in due time.

The key characteristics of effective design, in this case, should include intuitive navigation, as well as an informal style of communication interface with the client.

Increasing the productivity of customer interactions by improving design is not something every startup can do. Minimizing design requires a radical reorganization of business processes and labor-intensive work. That’s why it’s worth going to a design agency for startups. 

Several first-time entrepreneurs still ignore the issues related to visualization: speaking the language of the technology itself, they forget about the person to whom the startup owes its very existence: the client. They forget that the customer – the average person – interacts not with the technology at all but with its graphical interface.

A simple and functional organization of the visual component is the key to a successful startup. Ask someone to hide all the glasses in your house, and quenching thirst will cease to be a natural procedure. Now let’s imagine that the obscure glass is a new startup service: how many credits will such a business person get until he understands the obvious and chooses a design agency?

UX/UI design – what is it?

Behind the abbreviation, UX hides the concept of User Experience and behind UI – User Interface, respectively. Yet, both of these components are fundamental to development.

However, it is essential to understand that UX has an analytical bias. Its domain includes the study of the user’s experience of interacting not only with the interface but also with any way they interact with the system’s functionality. UI, meanwhile, is closer to what we understand as the term “graphic design.”

What UX achieves are increased usability and intuitive customer interaction. The UX specialist is also responsible for CTA placement and other elements of capturing customer attention. For example, where to properly place the callback widget on the page is the responsibility of the design agency. This issue is directly related to the user experience and building the funnel.

As a result:

  • UX is designing and improving the quality of interaction between the user and all touchpoints with the company.
  • UX involves direct hands-on work in research, testing, development, content, and prototyping.
  • UX can be used in any field but mainly applies to digital.
  • This field has a lot in common with the social sciences. If you are attracted to the study of human behavior, UX may be a good career choice.

Who is a UX designer?

The main task of a UX designer – is designing an interface that will be functional and take care of user comfort. The work of a specialist comes down to:

  • They are studying the target audience’s psychology, forming a collective image of the target audience. Every project is created for people. Understanding their needs and motives – is the primary task of business.
  • I am building a strategy. A design agency must understand why the task is implemented in a certain way and which principles to use at each stage.
  • We are conducting A/B testing. Integration of several variants to evaluate the reaction of the audience.
  • I am building a concept. 

What is UI

Despite a long history of application and widespread use, UI is still difficult to define because of the many misinterpretations.

While UX is concerned with conceptualizing usability and building schematics and structures, UI is a graphical representation of it. Now imagine what happens when, needing a UX designer, companies hire UI designers and vice versa. What happens is an obvious embarrassment and an inability to cover the customer’s needs.

If we look at some job vacancies with the same division of concepts and announce a set of UI specialists, we can see that the applicant’s skills are expected mainly from the design agency.

Principles of good UX/UI design

Several principles should guide professionals in the development of a project. First, the value for users depends on compliance with the rules.


Any project is purchased to meet specific needs. For example, the user wants to integrate it into work, apply it to solve a problem or spend leisure time. Therefore, the expected usefulness of the development must coincide with the actual result that a person will get from the resource. 


It is a vital app. It is usable and understandable for the users who purchase it. If the program or application turns out to be excessively complicated, customers won’t have the opportunity to evaluate all the functions offered. Development should be intuitive. 


It is not uncommon for programs, services, or applications to have various problems when using them. They can be related to technical errors and the user’s lack of understanding of how to solve a specific task. In this case, customers need to know where to turn. 


User confidence is composed of several components. First, it is an attractive design. Programs and sites with a current, modern interface and a beautiful visual appearance are trusted more than tastelessly made, ancient places with shouty lettering and a complete lack of design approach the design. Secondly, trust is established when users can go to the developers with a solution to their problem.


Buying becomes desirable when users are promised solutions to their problems and needs. Audiences value external appeal. The right concise design incorporates tones indicates that the program will be functional enough to help the customer satisfy their request. 


The design should be developed for each user. For example, a special viewing mode can be integrated for the visually impaired or color blind. This makes it easier for some customers to use the design and builds loyalty from the audience. 


The principle is the ability to solve the task for which it was purchased. For example, a mobile music app should play, sort, and recommend tracks. The goal of the company’s website is to guide visitors to affordable services and rates.

Tips to help you choose a design agency

These simple tips will help you choose a design agency for your startup.

Develop a keen eye

It is essential to have an excellent eye to understand what is done well and poorly. It is the insight that helps you find a suitable design agency. Analyzing different people’s work, you will begin to understand which of the specialists has his style and is ready to make a breakthrough, who makes stamped logos and for whom design is just business. 

Not having the necessary experience and observation, you can see a minimalistic logo and think it is empty and uninteresting – because it has no bright semantic accents. 

Study the portfolio 

Once you’ve chosen the design firm you like, carefully examine its portfolio.  

Look at examples of work, not the size and name of the company

Many consumers assume that if they choose a large and well-known design firm, the work on their order will no doubt be done well. Freelancers can be approached if you need a straightforward service, such as just a logo, and if you’re comfortable with one person working on the project. But experience shows that a freelancer will not give you new ideas. 

If you need a full-fledged rebranding and the work of a professional team, it is better to turn to a design agency. Then, when several people are working on the project simultaneously, led by an art director, they develop a new philosophy for you, fully immersed in creativity. 

Personally communicate with the performers

If you’re growing your business, your brand has specific values. For example, you can be a provocative company, challenge the market every day, or be a quiet, relaxed, family-oriented brand. The importance of the design agency you choose must be similar to yours.




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