Most Popular Google Play Apps In 2021

Statistics indicate that Google Play or Store contains over 5 million applications as of 2020. The platform that provides quality, efficient and fast app services to Android-based devices started in 2008. It is celebrating its twelfth anniversary in 2021 with a considerable number of applications. You can celebrate together by downloading popular casino apps in case you want to play games or check if you have the True Blue casino daily free spins. After all, the launch by Google was strategic and a risk that has resulted in many benefits. All the benefits are for both the public and the companies.

Social Media and Communication Apps

Apart from being the most popular apps on the market today, the social media and communication apps encompass the most significant portion of applications in use as of 2020. Studies indicate that the rise results from the confining policies that arose with the pandemic. The long stay-at-home period in 2020 increased communications and posts on social media, and the interests haven’t declined in 2021. It seems to be a lasting trend.

Trending platforms include Whatsapp, which registered around 6 million downloads in the past year. Facebook and Facebook Messenger follow closely, providing both a social media and communication platform. Each of these spots of over 4 million downloads in 2020. When it comes to photography media, Instagram is the perfect app. Others you should consider looking into in this category include Duolingo, Snapchat, Twitter, and Linkedln.

One challenge remains with the available apps on Google Store. Most do not provide the quality a client or customer is looking for/ deserves, which is disappointing. Finding a single app applicable to your needs and sufficiently provides a proper solution is difficult. Therefore, the article has taken the initiative to comprise some popular Google play apps in 2021 for you to choose from.

  • Web browsers
  • Health and fitness apps
  • Music and Podcasts
  • Video game and entertainment apps
  • Office-based apps

Web Browsers

Web browsers are the second most popular Google Play apps in providing safe and fast internet access. These are security features you can install on any android device. At the same time, the internet connection is private. With added extensions, there is nothing you cannot do online. Also, some provide quality tab management options. Others ensure you get dynamic start-up pages offering the current and trending news in your favourite sections of the industry. These favourites can include fashion, politics, research, and much more. Also, people can integrate some of the browsers with their mobiles by syncing, ensuring you are always up to date.

Some of the most popular websites on use today include Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Tor, and many more. For efficient functionality, one must look at the browser’s speed. Review its ability to protect against internal and external threats while online. Plus the internet access levels, especially if you require access to uncensored materials and ease of use of the said browser. Remember to explore the different themes available for use and comfort of navigation. If the browser allows bookmarks, you can sync and have faster access to favourite pages.

Health and Fitness

Individual health and fitness levels have become a concern for people across the planet. The concerns include a rise in lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, high and low blood pressure, obesity, and anxiety or stress. It has led to the development of fitness and health apps. These apps span across a wide range of applications, including:

  • Quality and healthy food
  • Proper fitness exercise
  • Diet plans for specific lifestyle conditions
  • Weight-loss-based apps
  • Nutritional and bodybuilding apps

These apps can track your heart rate, athletic performance, weight levels, including how much you have lost, your target, and current weight. They can compose your health information such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and much more. Some of the most popular include the Adidas Running app, Eve, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Zocdoc, and many more.

Music and Podcasts

The youth make the largest population of people in the world. Music and podcasts are pretty attractive to the younger generation, which increases the app’s popularity. The apps provide a chance to record personal or individual podcast sessions, upload and review the sessions with others subscribers. You can listen to songs from current singers and old ones. Plus, young people gain access to recently generated and approved apps and monetization programs for the same. It means that young people can now make money using podcasts and music. For music lovers, you get a chance to edit any audio at our disposal.

Young people can stream online podcasts and music with any select apps from Google, including Google Play Music, Bandcamp, BlackPlayer, LiveXLive, and Spotify, anytime. However, each platform offers unique features, and it’s not surprising to find that an app cannot stream, yet it is a characteristic. Plus, some of these apps will cost you money to subscribe to use the available features using a premium account. Ensure you gain a bit of experience using the free versions of Google apps before subscribing with real money less risk losing the amount.

Video Game and Entertainment Apps

Video games and other online platforms provide a wide range of entertainment. Google supplies many different apps for your enjoyment, including casino apps. However, similar to other video game rules, it is prudent to read and understand the underlying conditions/ terms before accepting or playing a game. Some of the rewards provided in a game can overcharge, and thus, players end up spending extra or banned from the game or casino in case of failure to pay.

Subway Surfers is a quality video game whose popularity is off the charts. With over 1.2 million downloads in the past year, the video game ranks in the same area with communication and social media Google apps.

Office-Based Apps

Every responsibility at hand requires an organization to increase logic and the overall quality of the outcomes. Most office-based applications follow this principle, improving people management, ensuring easier access and attendance for meetings and other briefs, and smooth workflow from the management to the regular hands-on workers.

Most of the Google Apps can help organize anything, including your daily mail, text messages, photos, music, and many more. It can help identify available colleagues for a meeting scheduled at a specific time of the day. It allows each member to log inappropriately and without disruptions to their daily schedules. Other apps keep schedules running during the day or night, on the weekends, holidays, and during office hours. The apps report on the progress of various projects, which act as an excellent management interface.

The most popular in this sector include Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, OneDrive, and PowerPoint. All these are pretty popular and garnered over 5 million downloads in 2018. You cannot have quality office apps without a way to share them. ShareIt is another app with over 1.2 million downloads that allows professionals and regular people to share with other Android-based electronic devices. The app is said to be faster than Bluetooth. Other quality apps include Asana office management, Doodle, and Evernote, among others.


Looking at the most popular Google Apps in 2021, specific apps would amount to only communications and social media topping the lists. No matter people’s location, job responsibilities, or cultural limitations, every individual has a social media account and a communication app. The categorizations help recognize other popular apps otherwise left unnoticed, including web browsers, entertainment, and gaming apps, office-based apps, and music and podcasts. However, these aren’t the only popular in each category of Google Apps. You may want to explore the store much more to get a better grip on the best and most popular.




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