How to Choose a Suit Jacket

Outerwear fashions change with the seasons, but if you find a suit jacket that fits well and looks elegant then it could last you for a decade or more. Here’s how to choose a jacket that manages to combine both style and comfort. Believe me, it’s really not that complicated.

Know yourself: With the increasing reach of programmes like How to Look Good Naked, most women are aware of their body shape and know how to dress to suit it. Men, however, are still largely in the dark. To find the perfect style and fit of jacket, it’s crucial to know your body shape. There are three broad types of male figure: tall, short, and round. Tall men tend to look best in three-button single-breasted jackets that balance their height, while short men should stick to slim-breasted one-button jackets and round types should opt for a double-breasted jacket with six buttons and thin lapels to create long, elongated lines.

Choose a style: Once you know your body shape and have a rough idea of what type of jacket might suit you, it’s time to choose a style. The main choice to make when you’re buying a suit jacket is between single and double breasted. Single breasted jackets tend to have between one and three buttons while double-breasted jackets can have between two and six. Other features to choose from include side vents, large lapels and pocket flaps.

Check out the high street: The notion that you need to go to a bespoke tailor to achieve the ultimate fit is a myth – several high street stores now stock a wide range of jackets that cater to all shapes and sizes. Next makes some fine ass men’s coats and jackets, so make sure you give the high street a try before you book an appointment with your tailor.

Black Tailored Fit Shawl Collar Suit from Next

Suit Jacket from Next

Get inspiration: If you’re struggling to find a suit jacket that takes your fancy then check out models and celebrities for inspiration. You’ll find plenty of fashion ideas and advice in a magazine such as GQ – or alternatively check out high street websites for more ideas.

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