Holy Fuck – Red Lights – Keyboard Cat & Car Chases

Do you know what a cat’s favorite car is? It’s a Catillac! Get it?? Get it??!? 

What you’re about to watch is a song called Red Lights by a group with the fantastic name of Holy Fuck! They don’t actually have the exclamation point on there, but it seemed appropriate to add it. We’ve got cats, we’ve got cars, and we’ve got one awesome tune.

Red Lights Feat. Cats


I can’t exactly explain why, but I absolutely love this song and the video that accompanies it. There’s just something magical about interludes featuring 70’s style red lighting while cats and dogs try to run each other off the road in high-speed car chases. The music itself is equally fitting and reminds me of any number of Quentin Tarantino films.

You can listen to Red Lights and many other Holy Fuck songs on the official Holy Fuck MySpace page.




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