Goalies Get Rowdy – Tim Thomas Crushes Henrik Sedin

If you’re not a huge hockey fan, or your team’s already on the back nine, you probably missed game 3 of the 2011 Boston/Vancouver Stanley Cup finals. As a dedicated Vancouver fan, I have to first hang my head in shame at the abomination of a game that it ended up being, but I then have to give mad props to Tim Thomas, the Boston Bruins goalie. Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, this is one of those moments where you can truly appreciate a ballsy act. You don’t often get a chance to see a goalie get physical, let alone get counted for a hit in the game stats.

Thomas has been criticized for his aggressive style of goal-tending as one that can lead to mistakes, but in this killer video replay, he sends a message to Henrik Sedin and all the haters with a bone-jarring hit: “Get the fuck out of my house.”

Think it’s pretty rad to see a goalie steamroller a forward? I think you’ll enjoy this.

Tim Thomas Crushing Henrik Sedin

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14 comments on “Goalies Get Rowdy – Tim Thomas Crushes Henrik Sedin”

    • That would have been awesome but Lou would’ve lost…

      Hopefully the Canucks remember that today and every time Thomas ventures outside of the paint, they make him pay for it.

      Go Canucks Go!!

      • why make him pay for it outside the paint when they can just continue to cheapshot him after the whistle while he’s covering up the puck?

        • Hey now; no Boston-Vancouver flame wars here, just goalie appreciation. If we want to talk cheap shots after the whistle we can talk about Lucic punching Burrows in the back of the head after the whistle while he was on his knees, right?

          • I like to think that the relevancy of both of our arguments is that they happened less than 72 hours ago, vs. 7 years ago, but your post definitely got me thinking.

            Somewhere in an open air market China, there’s a Tom Bertruzzi doll wearing a jersey with a dolphin on it, next to Spaderman, Super Bat, and Robert Cop. I’ve already got Markie Nusland and B-Town Morrisey- he’d complete my West Coast Expression set. 😉

          • I’m not a fan of Boston or Vancouver but I do find it funny that the little “Bears” are complaining and Bertuzi is/was a dirty player, I hated the Canucks for all the years he was with them.

  1. I am one of those painted up, raving Canucks fans, but I love seeing this sort of thing. I’m digging Thomas’ style. I still want to crush him into the dirt along with all his hopes and dreams, but I have to admit, I totally want to drink with him.

      • Actually, the Carey Price one was supposed to be there, as it is the quintessential balls out goalie crush of all time- we just made a boo boo and removed the Canucks link…which is when you saw the post, which of course stopped making sense.

  2. Hi there sir,

    Thank you for putting this on the internet. As a bruins fan its just so glorious to relive this series and specifically this moment. Its also nice to see someone from Vancouver being a good sport about it. As you know, many of your fellow fans didn’t react so well.

    Can’t wait for the upcoming playoffs and future meetings between the Canucks and my Bruins.



    • You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman for taking this article in the spirit which it was written. I look forward to drinking with you through the magic of simultaneous hockey-watching while we CRUSH YOU UTTERLY in the upcoming playoffs. xoxoxo~


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