Fenix HM65R Headlamp: The Real Life Version of the Fallout 4 Headlamp

Since the launch of Fallout 4, I have been playing this classic open-world RPG game in my free time. The best part of this game I love is – its absolute freedom. I can play any roles I like and do whatever activities I want in this open world.

Among those multiple characters’ roleplays, the sole survivor roleplay is my favorite. As a retired U.S. Army veteran, I can travel around the sanctuary hills, power armor stations, and various places. 

And in these power stations, I can craft combat armor suits with headlamps and move around the dark areas easily. A headlamp is introduced in Fallout 4 and practically I really like this Fallout 4 headlamp feature.

While Fallout 4 headlamp feature in the power armor is my favorite in the game, but in real life, my favorite is Fenix HM65R headlamp.

To tell you the truth, when I have been out hiking or camping, I found myself stumbling around in the dark. Only then I can feel that the significance of having a headlamp for outdoor activities.

Today, I will tell you how great the HM65R headlamp is and what benefits you can expect from this headlamp. 

Actually, the HM65R headlamp got some excellent features that I want to share with you all. And I am pretty sure that you will find similarities to the Fallout 4 headlamp with its design, features, and functionalities.  

Let’s find out!

HM65R Features that I liked the Most

Fenix HM65R Headlamp

It’s Comfortable

The headlamp holder and monoband wraps are quite comfortable for a longer period of usage. Literally, you can not feel the headlamp around your noggin because it weighs less than other headlamps. 

Also, the band itself is comfortable around the head with a dialer to adjust the fitting. When exploring for a longer and slower expedition, this headlamp is just the perfect one. 

Enough Brightness

As mentioned in the user manual, this headlamp features a 1000 lumen and 1400 lumen combining both beams and I find it more than enough light for exploring caves and hiking at night.

Most of the time I use a flood beam mode instead of a direct beam pattern. There are adjusters available for controlling brightness, but usually, I use the same brightness that I like. 

You might adjust the brightness level to use for a longer period but it got a good battery backup to support the headlamp. So it’s your choice.  

Good Battery Backup

Fenix HM65R Headlamp Charging

As I mentioned earlier, battery backup is quite good, especially when using floodlight mode. You will get a whopping 21 hours of life at the highest 400 lumens brightness. And on spotlight mode, you will get 4 hours of life at the highest 1000 lumens turbo mode. 

So, by following a simple rule of turning off the headlamp when unnecessary, you can go hiking for days with a single charge. 

Pretty Easy to Use

Fenix HM65R Headlamp Top

Another feature of Fenix HM65R I liked is it’s pretty easy to use. A user manual comes with the box but I think you will not need that. Or you might read on. 

The build quality is quite well-made and pretty solid. Also, the buttons are easy to turn off/on and adjust brightness. 

Additionally, you can rotate the headlamp at a full 90-degree angle from head to toe. And each angle will be held in place perfectly. 

It’s Waterproof

There are numerous events when a water splash came to my face and the headlamp got wet. But luckily HM65R is waterproof. Plus this headlamp is rated drop-resistant up to 2 meters but I always care for my gears and hope it will not drop randomly. 

This headlamp is IP68 rated and waterproof up to two meters for 30 minutes. 

Should You get Fenix HM65R Headlamp?

The Fenix HM65R headlamp is an excellent choice for those who are looking to get the most out of their outdoor adventures. This headlamp will give you a vibe of Fallout 4 headlamp that is my favorite in the game. 

This powerful and versatile LED headlamp can be used in a variety of different settings from running or hiking to camping or cycling. Plus they are giving five years of warranty and a one-year battery warranty. And the best part is, it’s priced at $99. You can find out more about the HM65R and other great products by Fenix here.

From my perspective, the HM65R headlamp is quite a full package for adventurers and you should definitely get one today. Good luck Adventurers!



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