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I’m not much of a bike rider but I do know that riding a bicycle at night can be dangerous business, especially when I see so many people wearing dark clothing. There are some useful products such as the Bike Lane Safety Light which uses bright LEDs to project two parallel lines on either side of the bike to create a bike lane visible to to motorists. As cool as that may be, the Monkey Light M232 Bike Light by MonkeyLectric is much more interesting and attention grabbing.

Monkey Light M232 Bike Light in Action

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They have a few different products available but we’ll have a look at the mid-priced Monkey Light M232 Bike Light. The Monkey Light looks very cool at evening times and night as well as making you more visible to others using the road. The lights attach to the wheels of your bicycle and when you ride, the lights create a fun and unique patterns of various colors. The bike light is made up of 32 programmable LED and the action really starts once you reach a speed of 10mph when everything can be seen as it was intended. Lower speeds still work but the effect is much more crisp once at a higher speed.

bike light M232 by monkeylectric

Users have a choice of up to 42 different themes, 64 colors, and available in five random modes. The device is powered by three AA batteries and should last you up to 25 hours of run time. The lights are also weatherproof so it can be pouring like crazy and your bike will still be visible to others. The Monkey Light M232 Bike Light can be mounted onto any standard bicycle wheel as long as it’s 20-inches or larger. The patterns are programmable and can easily be changed to the rider’s desire.

monkeylectric m232 bike light

The Monkey Light M232 Bike Light is available for only $59.99 on Amazon. If you want something even more intricate like the main picture at the very top, consider the Monkey Light Pro.



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