Fascinating Facts About Social Media: Who Decides What We See?

These days, following celebrities on social media has become a daily habit for a lot of people. Some famous personalities maintain millions of followers on their preferred social media channels, most notably Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But have you stopped to think whether the social media accounts of your favorite musicians or actors are updated by the celebrities themselves, or do they have a team doing it for them?

The Reality of Celebrity Social Media Accounts

Let’s get the answer out this early: While some celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna personally post updates for their followers, others are too busy logging into social media. Sure, creating videos for social media has become easier compared to years back, many famous personalities simply don’t have the time to upload their photo on Instagram, much more to add filters.

One thing you might not know about celebrity Instagram accounts is that some of them are maintained by a team of social media practitioners who know how to craft potentially viral content for followers to enjoy.

What’s great about this kind of arrangement is that famous personalities have inadvertently created a lot of job opportunities – especially for social media managers. It’s also beneficial for celebrities, because it frees them from the responsibility of coming up with the best hashtags and viral-worthy content.

Why Some Celebrities Don’t Update on Social Media Personally

Social media has had a huge impact on our daily lives. It is not only our means of communicating with our friends and loved ones, but it has also become a way for die-hard fanatics to follow their favorite celebrities around – and even to the point of stalking them.

Popularity has its price, after all. As people become popular, their privacy is slowly fading away to the point that some of them end up having to deal with stalkers.

In short, one of the main reasons why famous celebrities don’t personally update their social media pages is to keep some part of their lives private.
Take the case of famous personalities who have become controversial because of their posts on social media. While some of them accidentally post private pictures or intentionally bash another celebrity, others have no clue as to why they suddenly earned a lot of bashing on social media. It’s only later that they realize that some people have painted derogatory statements against them, without their prior knowledge.

The Importance of Reputation Management

Keeping private information is quite a struggle for celebrities. In fact, it has come to a point that some of them need to hire experts in maintaining privacy reputation, because the public demand to take a peek and scrutinize their private lives has risen dramatically to troubling proportions.
Reputation management is important to celebrities for the following reasons:

  • It allows them to enjoy some privacy, while at the same time providing juicy information for the fans.
  • It gives them the opportunity to address issues that may harm them, especially in terms of false information or fake news.
  • It unburdens them from the responsibility of balancing privacy and fame.

The next time you check the social media update of your favorite stars, don’t be surprised if someone else is posting it for them. After all, celebrities need to have someone to protect their privacy and reputation, so that they can focus on their careers.

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