Why It’s a Good Idea to Create a Video for Social Media

Social media has now been around for a while and most of us are familiar with the standard platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Of course, now there are even more social media platforms out there so it’s a lot to get a handle on. You might be thinking what should you be sharing on each platform for maximum interest and engagement. One thing that works great is video for social media.

In the past, videos weren’t really as common and Twitter was used for short anecdotes, Instagram and Pinterest for beautiful photos and Facebook for posts, stories, behind the scenes or photos as well. Now though, video for social media is becoming increasingly important to snag your audience’s attention. Let’s take a look at what makes video for social media so effective.

People love to share videos.

People love to share videos because they can relate to them more. Videos are more visually appealing and people are more likely to get excited about them enough to actually share them with their friends. Photos aren’t shared nearly as much and text is shared even less. Which brings us to our second point.

Videos are watched 80% more than text is read.

Why is this? Because videos are easy to digest. It’s easy to get a ton more information in a shorter period of time. When it comes down to it, people are lazy. They don’t want to read a huge chunk of text because that’s boring. They want to see a video because they learn more, it’s more engaging, it’s pretty and more fun to watch and, like we said above, they’re easier to relate to.

As an example, if you had a piece of text on how exercising is good for your health, people would probably glance at it, sigh, scroll past and move on. However, if you have a fun, upbeat person looking like they’re having a great time running through n awesome scenery, you’ll grab their attention.

Video can go viral.

Of course some text can go viral in some circumstances, but it’s much rarer because it doesn’t have the same sort of impact that a video can have. For the same reasons we’ve already mentioned, your text post is unlikely to garner the same attention and therefore has a significantly smaller chance of going viral.

Video for social media increases your business.

Ultimately, the more people who view this video, share the video and engage with the video, the more it gets out there. This snowball affect will increase your business because it’s showing you to a whole new clientele.

If you think you want to take the next step in creating video for your social media, be sure to get in touch with us! We would love to help you create the videos you envision to help your business boom.




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