Facehugger Corset – H.R. Giger Would Be Proud

It’s not often that I write about women’s clothing. I write about women all the time, but when it comes to their clothes, I’m usually commenting on its non-existence. Today, though… I’m switching it up a bit, and for a very special reason.

If you’re a man or woman of reasonable levels of awesomeness, there’s a high probability that you’re a fan of the Aliens franchise. If you haven’t seen or heard of Alien, Aliens, or Prometheus, well… the door is right over there. The rest of you, though, stick around and enjoy these photos of a very unique looking Facehugger corset.

The Facehugger Corset of Awesomeness

facehugger corset rage custom creations02 enlarged facehugger corset rage custom creations01 enlarged facehugger corset rage custom creations03 enlarged

Now that… is a corset. I think it’s a piece of clothing that any woman would be proud of owning, well… at least in my fantasies. I mean, sure… it’s probably somewhat uncomfortable, and not even vaguely practical for anything but say, an outing to the H.R. Giger bar in Europe, but so what? Those are just minor details, and as we all well know, “high end” women’s fashion and comfort are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Where Can I Get One?

That’s a wonderful question, and I can answer it – at least in part. Though Rage Custom Creations – the people who created this amazing corset and a slew of other movie inspired props and costumes – don’t actually have an official website, they do have a fairly active Facebook page. Now, they don’t sell directly through there either, but they do periodically put up Etsy listings, and if you’re hoping to snag one of these, your best bet is to become a fan and follow them.

I combed around to find a currently active listing, and unfortunately none exist. Based on the popularity, you’ll have to keep a sharp eye, and act quickly. Don’t worry, though… you won’t be competing with me. I would never buy one of these to wear around the house while my girlfriend is at work… nope, never.




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2 comments on “Facehugger Corset – H.R. Giger Would Be Proud”

  1. Sadly, I ordered this corset pretty much the minute it was available on Rage Custom Creation’s (RCC’s) Etsy site. Four other people ordered it too. First RCC told me they weren’t going to make the estimated 2-3 week delivery date, so I wouldn’t be able to wear it to Dragon*Con. Then we received another update saying that we would be getting a Xenomorph necklace as apology for the long wait time. I have received no further communication from RCC after that except for reading an update on their FB page complaining about how their vendor allegedly did not deliver on the corsets that served as the base for this outfit. Multiple messages have gone ignored by RCC. At least one other person who ordered this has had the same issues I have, and it’s possible that no one has received their corset- 3 months after ordering. I think we were all scammed on this one.

    • Charity,

      Wow, that’s awful. To have such a high profile piece of clothing like this, and then not deliver? I’m assuming you put a deposit down at the very least. I recommend having a conversation with your credit card company if you don’t end up hearing back.


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