Edge of Space: World View Experience and a Drink for $75,000

I think it’s safe to say that we have all day dreamed about going into space at some point in our life and letting our imagination run wild with our crazy thoughts. Ever since I was a teenager and I found out about the capabilities of the Russian Mig-25 fighter jet, I wanted to fly up in that ugly jet to the edge of space. There are a few companies working on projects to commercialize spaceflight including Virgin Galactic which has a flight scheduled for sometime in 2014. The flight up with Virgin Galactic will certainly be costly but there might be a more “affordable” option. The guys over World View Enterprises is offering a World View Experience for those willing to cough up $75,000.

For the price of a luxury sedan, tourists can go up on a pressurized luxury capsule via a balloon, up to an altitude of 19 miles (100,320 feet). The flight up would take approximately 90 minutes going up at a rate of 1,000 feet per minute and set sail up high for two hours. In the capsule, passengers would be able to walk around and there will be an on-board bar for getting your drink on. World View Enterprises plans on sending passengers up to the edge of space in 2016 but tickets can be purchased later this year after the FAA determined that the venture would follow the rules that govern commercial spaceflight rather than rules for atmospheric balloon trips which are more stringent.

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What you will get is a breath taking view which is the main selling point and seeing the curvature of the earth with the black above and blue below. If you expect to experience weightlessness, you won’t get it here. The internationally accepted boundary for outer space is 62 miles high, making this trip fall short by 43 miles. After two hours of floating (not floating as in zero-gravity), you will return back to the ground taking an additional 40 minutes or so.

trip to edge of space in balloon

Worth the $75k? Not to me but there are plenty of people that would pay this to get once in a life time view. I’ll just have to enjoy their Instagram photos and YouTube videos of their experience.



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