Eco-Friendly Bambooee Paper Towels

Forget about the quilted, quicker, picker-upper. We got a new paper towel on the block that not only does an excellent job at cleaning but is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper towels. The Bambooee Paper Towels act just like an ordinary paper towel, but they can be machine washed and reused 20 times.

The “Going Green” trend is still going strong and it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon – everybody is doing it! The Bambooee paper towels are made out of sturdy and super-absorbent bamboo fibers which work the way was as standard paper towels do. Best of all, a single roll of these environmentally friendly towels replaces up to 60 rolls of regular paper towels!

A roll of this Bambooee Paper Towels  will only set you back $9.95 and is a worthwhile investment. Plus, you are also doing your part in helping the environment. Now, I wonder if they have Bambooee Toilet Paper which can be reused?



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  1. ok so i wasn’t really awake when read this and reaad it as toilet paper at first only to then see machine washed and reused 20 times……..


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