Duke Nukem Forever Trailer HD – 2011 – Yes, Really!

If you had asked me a few years ago about when I thought Duke Nukem: Forever was coming out, I would have shot back with something like “never.” or “it will be a cold day in hell when DNF hits store shelves“, but it seems that I need to eat crow on this one. After all these years, Duke Nukem: Forever is finally coming out, and it looks awesome.

This May DNF is arriving world-wide on all major platforms. All the dirty humor, dirty girls, and one liners that made the original so great are making a come back, but with better graphics, and (hopefully) even more polish than the original.

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

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Gearbox has managed to do something that surprises even my very jaded self; they’ve managed to get me excited about a game that’s been in development hell for over a decade.




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