Ducati 848 EVO – Could It Be The Sexiest Bike On Earth?

I have always been a big fan of Ducati sport bikes.  I was first introduced to the world of Ducati with the 748/998 line and instantly fell in love with those motorcycles.  Then came the 749/999 line and that didn’t do it for me, I hated the design of that bike but Ducati redeemed themselves with the new 848/1098/1198 line and I was back on the bandwagon.  Now comes the new Ducati 848 EVO, the evil twin sexy and dirty sister of the 848, dressed in flat back.

The Ducati 848 EVO produces, a crazy, one hundred and forty horsepower (140) and 72 pound feet of torque and revs to 10,500 rpm.  The 848 EVO weighs only 369 pounds, making it a lightweight rocket-ship machine on two wheels.

The new 848 gets all new cylinder heads, pistons, throttle bodies, and camshafts, wrapped in a new black cylinder case.  Upgrades in the handling department include a cross-mounted steering damper and grippy Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Sp tires.  The braking system receives Brembo Montbloc calipers, which achieve higher rigidity and resistance to distortion in extreme braking conditions.

With all the upgrades, the Ducati 848 EVO is the most powerful motorcycle in the middle weight class and based on looks alone, I think (know), it is the sexiest bike in the world.  Pricing hasn’t changed from the previous year, for the black edition, it only cost $12,995 and the Ducati Red costs $13,995.  With these prices, Ducati will be surely selling the 848 EVO’s by the truckloads.

I’m hoping not to see too many of these beautiful bikes at Starbucks with their “riders” posing, instead I’d hope they’ll be hitting the twisties and enjoying the bikes for what they’re really made for.  To use a line from the awesome movie, Biker Boys (just kidding, that movie sucked), “Burn Your Rubber, Not Your Soul”.




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  1. Hey,
    just a chick dropping into guy world, but don’t worry, it’s okay. I’m more tomboy then girly bitch anyways. But I want this sexy bike! So fucking beautiful, going to buy it when I save up enough.
    Ducati’s are awesome!


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