Do Boobs Have Perks? You Bet, The RAD Emergency Bra

You know, bras can do some pretty amazing things for women and it can do amazing things to men’s thought process as well. Besides the support and aesthetics a bra offers, did you know there is a bra out there that can potentially save two lives? The whole thing sounds a bit corny but there is such a bra that can apparently be useful in an emergency situation such as a bombing, fire, a riot with tear gas, and whatever else you can think of.

The RAD Emergency Bra not only acts as a standard bra but it also happens to act as a face mask if you ever find yourself in a situation where a face mask is required. And on top of its face mask capabilities, there is also a sensor strip that changes color when radiation is detected. Who would have thought that boobs could get you out of a sticky situation?

face mask bra

Each cup of the bra acts as a respiratory face mask so the woman and a lucky friend are temporarily protected from the potentially hazardous air they are in. The bra is available in any size between 32B and 44D and will cost $49.99.

The next time you are in a riot, make sure you stay close to the ladies. Not only will you get a little show, but you can avoid any tear gas that may come your way.




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