David Gilliver’s Light Photography – Neon Orbs and Ribbons

Light exposure photography is one of those simple things that never ceases to amaze me- you see thousands of exciting applications of it all over the web, but somehow, each new photo still manages to blow my mind. One of my favorite light painters is David Gilliver; where you normally see a lot of sketched lines or car tail lights, he’s mainly focused on creating geometric elements with perfect orbs and winding ribbons. The scope of his images is immense- large, open locales feature huge trails or precise placement of carefully crafted luminescence. None of these photos are retouched- he runs around in the black of night dressed like a burglar to avoid being caught on film. Check out his brilliant work after the jump. 

Light Photography by David Gilliver

david gilliver light orb on beachdavid gilliver light ribbon rolling down a hilldavid gilliver light orbs on beachdavid gilliver light ribbons in grandstandsdavid gilliver light orbs on stone structuredavid gilliver light ribbons in playgrounddavid gilliver light orbs on castledavid gilliver light ribbons over waterdavid gilliver light ribbon and orb in castledavid gilliver light ribbon on docksdavid gilliver light orbs on beachdavid gilliver light ribbons on beachdavid gilliver light orb on cliffdavid gilliver light ribbon ocean wavesdavid gilliver blue light orb on beachdavid gilliver light rings on beachdavid gilliver light ribbons in castledavid gilliver light ribbons over waterAll of David’s photos are available as prints and stretched canvases through his site, just in case you were thinking of sprucing up the man cave with a shot of electric colour.



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