Dark Souls II: Rogue Warrior – A Glorious “80s Cartoon”

Dark Souls was one of the most frustrating games I never played.

No, I never played it myself – I just watched a friend play – but I could feel his pain and suffering as he died over, and over, and over again. It’s hard to see a friend in such pain, unless you’re very drunk… which I was. Then it’s just funny.

But now Dark Souls 2 is coming out, and I expect more of the same. Will I play it? Actually, I think I will. Let’s just say that I’ve been… inspired.

Dark Souls II – Rogue Warrior

“They Took His GIRL. Now He’ll take their SOULS!”

Do you remember the 80s? Me neither, but I was born then, so I know it was a time of wonder and mystery – just like me.

The 80s were also a time of really bad great cartoons, like Thundercats and He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. Yes, if Dark Souls came out during the 1980s, I’m sure it would have a show just like this…

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Undead by nature…
Unmatched in skill…
All hero.

Just… just one little thing: I’m pretty sure this fellow doesn’t have a machine gun in the game, but maybe I’m just being nit-picky here. The point is that he’s a total bad-ass and exists only to kick undead ass.

Support Awesome Music

The music in this video was pure 80s bliss. No, really… I listen to this kind of music all the time. It’s a guilty pleasure, except that I really don’t feel too bad about it.

If you enjoy it as much as I do, then consider supporting some of the musicians featured. Here they are:

Zero Call


Kyle Johnson

They’ll love you forever, and besides, you’ll get some awesome pumpin’ beats to listen to while you work out at the gym. Cause I’m sure you totally do that.




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