Custom Toilet Paper – Wipe Away the Sadness of These Dark Days

I don’t know why, but it actually surprises me that custom toilet paper is a thing, especially during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 that we all find ourselves in. No one can seem to get their hands on more than a few roles, and yet we have companies producing the stuff with custom prints. Why? What’s the point of customizing something that is meant to be flushed down your toilet with ease?

But here we are, and there it is, and you too can have anything you wanted printed on your toilet paper to wipe away the sadness during these sad days we’re all facing right now. Though I’m not sure this is the face I would want looking back at me each time I sit down to use the toilet.

trump custom toilet paper

If custom toilet paper is something you’re interested in, then allow me to tell you about a company that can make custom printed toilet paper for you.

As I said before, there’s no shortage of custom toilet paper out there these days, especially with the great toilet paper crisis we find ourselves in today. There are actually custom printing companies that will custom print toilet paper for you. I know, hard to believe right? Well it’s not as complicated or expensive as you’d think. In fact, custom printing companies are doing this all the time.

A custom printed toilet paper company is a business that works with people from start to finish on custom printed toilet paper. This means custom printed toilet paper companies talk with customers, create custom designs for custom printed toilet paper, and get the custom printed toilet paper to you after it’s been made.

Custom toilet paper is perfect for pranks…

One time, my friend was trying to prank me with custom toilet paper. I had custom toilet paper made and ordered it online. When I gave the custom toilet paper to my friend and told her what it was, she thought that I was joking. She then laughed at me for thinking of a funny idea and then set it on a table in the room where we were standing. When she left the room for a few seconds, I took it and hid it in my pocket. I then set it back on the table where we had put custom toilet paper before.

After a few minutes of me laughing at her custom toilet paper, she looked at other custom toilet paper and saw that mine was gone. She then realized that I had the custom toilet paper… This custom toilet paper prank was played on her by another friend of mine that saw the custom printed toilet paper in action and wanted to do a prank. I don’t think that my friends got along very well after this custom toilet paper prank!

Where can you buy custom toilet paper?

Tired of being stuck at home with your wife for months on end? Order a roll of custom printed toilet paper on PrintedTP and see how she reacts the next time she slips off to clean her bottom. It probably won’t go over well, but if she has a sense of humor, perhaps you’ll survive the encounter. Besides, it’s not like she’ll be able to chase you down, right then and there.

This toilet paper is made in the USA using recycled paper, and the company has been making this stuff since 1979. You can pick up two rolls for $49.95, which is expensive, but can you really put a price on this kind of fun?

This personalized toilet paper may not be as fancy as the Hanebisho toilet paper from Japan, but I’ll tell you one thing: it’s a whole lot more fun. I mean, providing none of the ink wipes off, which may get you some funny looks depending on who is looking where.

Oh, and if you happen to know of any other custom printed toilet paper manufacturers, please leave me a message with the details in the comments below. I’m a little curious if these guys have a monopoly on on this kind of thing, or if this is a booming industry with a wide range of players.

Until next time, stay clean and dry, folks.



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