Designer Face Masks by RageOn!

With all that’s going on in the world right now, no one is going to fault you for being depressed. Most of us are stuck at home, we can’t physically see or meet our family and friends, and are afraid of catching covid-19. However, like past dark days, this too shall pass.

At the beginning of this fiasco, many world leaders and even W.H.O. were saying wearing a mask is not necessary in the public, however, over the last couple of weeks the consensus is to wear a mask in the public and some jurisdictions are even making it mandatory to wear a face mask, whether they’re DIY or medical.

To lighten the mood a bit, RageOn!, has created some designer face mask patterns that will surely bring smiles to onlookers. These face masks feature unique designs like Darth Vader’s maks, baby Yoda face mask, kitty shooting lazers, Jason’s mask from Friday the 13th, Mexican art, and many more. These artistic designer face masks are for sale at $14.95, a small price to pay for “safe breathing”. To make things even more fun, how about some custom toilet paper?

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