Concerned About Putting Your Kid In Motocross? Here’s What They Need To Stay Safe

Dirt-bike racing is a sport often known as Motocross or MX racing, wherein riders compete off-road on rocky terrains with gravel, mud, grease, and other challenging elements on tracks. 

Despite the riding challenges in this sport, motocross is wildly popular among kids because of the adrenaline-filled nature of Motocross. It receives attention among kids, teenagers, and young adults as it offers them a flavor of thrill and adventure. But every adventure carries some amount of risk. Due to off-road bike racing, riding through mud or rocky paths, it increases the probability of falling and getting injured.

The constant scars-and-bruises nature of this sport is a major concern for parents to put their children in motocross. However, with the advance in kids’ motocross safety gear, riding a dirt bike has become much safer and has reduced the chances of injuries to a great extent. 

In this article, we will explore the essential protective gear required for kids in motocross to make it a safe and unique adventure for them.

Essential Dirt Bike Gear For Kids:

1. Helmet

Wearing a helmet is of maximum precedence for your kids as dirt bike racing is risky and accident-prone. This is not optional but mandatory for your kid.

You should not compromise on the quality of the helmet just to save a few dollars. Investing your money and time in shopping for the right helmet is worthwhile as it provides fundamental safety to your kid.

Consider the following factors while deciding on a good kids motorbike helmet for dirt bike racing:

  • Always search for a well-fitted helmet for your kid. It neither has to be too free nor too tight.
  • Check if the helmet has proper vents to prevent your kid from heating up while riding.
  • Look for the DOT mark on it to be assured that you are buying a good quality helmet.

2. Boots

Since the legs are constantly just a few inches above the ground throughout the racing course, it’s far more vulnerable to get affected by a crash or an accident. Dirt boots are as essential as having a dirt bike helmet. Riding boots are specially designed to be stiff for defending against lateral injuries. 

3. Goggles

Dirt bike tracks are filled with dust, grease, and mud, when multiple racers zoom through these tracks, dust is thrown into the air which may irritate eyes and blur the vision of the racer. 

Goggles enable in shielding eyes from all sorts of harmful substances and permits clear vision while riding for a hassle-free experience.

While buying a good pair of goggles search for twin layered foam lining. This allows ample airflow and decreases moisture on your kid’s face. Also, look for a roll-off visor option for muddy conditions.

4. Gloves

Gloves assists in holding a grip on the bike while bouncing and leaping at the off-road track. It additionally helps in protecting arms from dirt, scratches, and burns. 

When shopping, search for gloves that are antiperspirants so that they can absorb sweat while riding.

5. Add-on gears

Along with the above listed safety gear, also add the following gear for complete protection to your kid while riding:

  • Elbow and knee pads.
  • Chest and body armor.
  • Neck braces.
  • Jersey and pants.


Your kids will fall or injure themselves while riding but it is a small price to pay in the course of learning dirt bike racing. While falling is a part of learning the sport, gearing up with all the essentials will reduce the damage to a great extent. 

Encourage your kids to be cautious and ride safely and make sure they have all the above listed gear in their riding arsenal.




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