Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – The More Affordable Version of High-End Diamonds

As the COVID crisis unfolds around us, the smallest of things starts to get impacted. One of the most significant areas where the pandemic has hit us the hard is finance. Most of us who would just go right in with our big purchase decisions before the pandemic are now caught in a dilemma. Would it be practical to spend that kind of money in a time like this? Shouldn’t I save expenses like this for a better time? Questions like this buzz our minds before any big monetary commitment.

Thankfully you don’t have to put every big-ticket purchase on hold until after the pandemic. You certainly don’t have to, where diamonds are concerned. If you are feeling like surprising your partner with a sparkly new ring on the upcoming big day, don’t hold yourself. There is still a possibility to endow your ladylove with a precious gift or propose with a swoon-worthy sparkler without burning a hole in your pocket.

Just by being a little flexible with your choices you can now obtain a beautiful ring for her at a significantly small expense.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds for You

The smartest way to acquire a great-looking diamond ring for a surprisingly small price is to get clarity enhanced diamonds. There is no reason to put all your guards up yet. Clarity enhanced diamonds are neither fakes nor lab-made stones. These are natural diamonds that are mined from the core of the earth and cut and polished at workshops before they are put on different pieces of jewelries. So, the elephant in the room, what makes these clarity enhanced diamonds so affordable?

The answer is in the name itself. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural stones with low clarity that are cosmetically treated to look as clear as stones of higher specs. Perfected through treatments, these clarity enhanced diamonds look like their expensive cousins, only a lot cheaper. Now let’s talk about what makes them such a huge sensation in the market.

The Cost Factor

What makes these a real steal is their price. Especially in today’s global context of economic downturn, these stones present a rare opportunity to the buyers, a chance to afford diamonds for less. In times when diamond prices are skyrocketing, these stones make it possible for average buyers to obtain more carats for less cash.

Cost is the biggest USP of clarity enhanced diamonds. If you compare the prices of enhanced and un-enhanced diamonds, you’d see that the difference is staggering. To give you a perspective, you can acquire a decent size clarity enhanced diamond at half the cost of a natural untreated diamond.

So, even at a very conservative budget, it is possible to buy a fairly large and clear-looking diamond that is clarity enhanced if you are ready to make a small compromise on the specs.

Clarity enhanced diamonds were first introduced in the gallery in the interest of buyers on small or medium budgets who often find themselves short of options to explore. These stones made it possible for such shoppers to afford higher carat stones at no extra cost. Pick the diamond of your choice of the size you want and pay a small sum. Voila! Sounds like the dream of every diamond shopper.

The Cosmetics

The greatest selling point of clarity enhances diamond is their optics. Like all-natural diamonds, these bear the natural sparkle, fire, and scintillation that diamonds are famous for. However, being of lower specs, these do not have the high clarity of those on the higher end of the scale. That’s where the enhancement comes into the picture. Through chemical and cosmetic means, these clarity enhanced diamonds are treated to look like their more expensive counterparts.

Post-treatment, their optics are so remarkably similar to that of expensive diamonds that it’s hard to tell the two kinds apart for an uninitiated observer. Even trained professionals sometimes fail to spot a clarity enhanced diamond owing to their perfect result. As a consequence, what you get is a diamond that looks undoubtedly sparkly and precious but is originally from the lower end of the spectrum. The lowdown cost is the cherry on top.

The Treatments

Let’s talk treatments. Some buyers express curiosity over the processes that improve and perfect these diamonds. Clarity enhancement is a chemical procedure that involves fracture fixing in diamonds. This is done through various means all of which involve injecting composite materials inside the natural fractures. As the tiny cracks and veins fill up with clear material, it renders the flaws invisible. As a result, what is a supremely flawed diamond turns into a clear and glimmering high spec one.

Being visibly inseparable from the high spec diamonds, it’s safe the say that these procedures of enhancement are quite airtight.

What to Watch Out for

Clarity enhanced diamonds require the same kind of TLC as any natural untreated diamond. However, one point of difference that you want to maintain with a clarity improved stone is resizing. These stones you don’t want to put through the standard resizing procedure that involves the use of a torch. Such procedures can ruin the optics of a treated diamond and produce very different results from untreated ones.

However, should you need such a stone resized, you want to give the jeweler specific instructions. For all jewelry carrying clarity enhanced diamonds, you need to tell your jeweler to dismount all stones before working on the pieces. Any changes made to the jewelry with the stones on can have an irreversible effect on them. So you want to be careful and protect these stones from heat and pressure.

Diamonds-USA has a whole range of clarity enhanced diamonds in a variety of specs and sizes. A sweeping look at the gallery will tell you the richness of variety that is their collection. All clarity enhanced diamonds at Diamonds-USA are protected by a replacement warranty. Anything that happens to the enhancement will be taken care of free of cost by the provider. So don’t hesitate to bring your stones back should you see the optics deteriorating.



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