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When you think of jewellery, you’re probably thinking of those cheesy commercials during Christmas time where a good-looking husband or boyfriend, in expensive clothes, living an expensive house, pulls out a small box from his pocket. The wife/girlfriend has this shocking expression on her face, like she never expected it, and opens it to find some fancy bling diamond something or another.

The moral of the above paragraph is, when we think jewelry, we think women. But men also wear jewelry, although the options are limited if you want to look at least half respectable.

Jewelry Options for Men

I must admit, there aren’t too many choices for men’s jewelry. But below are a few items that could satisfy a man’s need for jewelry.


A watch won’t be the first thing you think of when talking about men’s jewelry, especially nowadays when they’re becoming less and less popular. The decline in the popularity of watches can be contributed to the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones. Everyone and their grandma own a cellphone, whether it’s a smartphone or dumb phone.

However, a watch is a perfect accessory for a man. Watches may not be worn for their time telling utility nowadays, they’re worn more for their aesthetics. A man wearing a watch has a certain classic look about him. It shows he still enjoys days gone by. Some watches also are a status symbol, watches like a Rolex or Patek Philippe.

Although not as popular as watches, cufflinks are another type of men’s jewelry. They’re usually worn on more formal occasions and require sleeves with French cuffs. A French cuff sleeve is like a normal sleeve on a dress shirt but instead of a button at the cuff, there are two holes where the cufflinks go. Cufflinks are a unique way to stand out from the crowd because most people have forgotten about them.


Unlike the two above mentioned men’s jewelry pieces, bracelets (or men’s bangles) have become quite popular over the last decade or so. Bangles are a unique way to stand out form the crowd and there are many options in design and materials used. Some men even wear bracelets with their watches, in fact, there are some watch makers that sell bracelets with their watches.


Rings are probably the most common piece of jewelry worn by men. However, for some reason we don’t even consider it jewelry. One reason could be because men’s rings are associated with wedding bands. However, you don’t need to be married to wear a ring. Like bracelets, men’s rings are quite popular, and you can choose from thousands of different styles of men’s rings available online and at brick and mortar stores. Wearing a unique ring is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts

I hope you learned that jewelry isn’t exclusively for women. There is a variety of jewelry options available for men. Things I’ve covered here and I’m sure there are other items that I missed. What is your favorite men’s jewelry item? And what other items would you add to this list of men’s jewelry?




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