Celebrating Movember with “Moustaches Make a Difference” Illustrations


In keeping with the mustache trend for the month of November, which has officially been re-named “Movember” or national grow your stache month, to help raise awareness for men’s health issues.  It’s about damn time men got a “month” for something, we’ve been suffering far too long (quietly) under the feminist oppression.  And it’s also about time Mustached men got a full day dedicated to having sex with them, with the “Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day”, on November 18th.

Anyways, we’ve fulfilled our duty in support of our fellow men with the above public service announcements and have started to grow our mustaches in anticipation for November 18th, which will be a great day.  Advertising agency TWA, based in Singapore, has come up with a different way to celebrate the holy month of “Movember”, with a set of illustrations showcasing famous people with mustaches and what they’d look like without their mustaches.  Most of these “stached” men do look pretty weird and “ordinary” without their legendary mustaches.

If you’re like us and are growing a stache, click our mustache guide link, it will help you decide what style of mustache will work for you, you can thank us on November 19th! 😉



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