Can’t Afford A Bugatti Veyron? Buy the Bugatti Belt Instead…

Okay, maybe the article title isn’t too accurate; because said Bugatti belt ain’t cheap either, it’ll set you back $84,000.  And yes, it’s a belt, the kind you put on your pants to stop them from falling.  No, this belt doesn’t have any magical properties, although, it might get you laid (that’s an assumption, we don’t guarantee anything).

The belt is made by Geneva-based designer Roland Iten; the buckle is made using watchmaking techniques and the buckle actually has 100 parts, like a fine Swiss watch.  My belt buckle comes with one piece and it seems to work just fine.


The unique feature of the “R22 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle – Bugatti Edition” (that’s this thing’s official name) is that it can be micro adjusted to any size within 22 mm.  So when you put on the belt and insert the buckle into a hole that’s a bit too loose and the next one is a bit too tight, you can micro adjust the buckle to fit perfectly…still not an $80k feature, in my humble opinion.

These Bugatti belts come in two different finishes, an 18k rose gold and 18k white gold; 22 pieces will be made in each finish.  The buckles are made out of titanium and stainless steel and even come with a sapphire crystal window.  Via: Roland Iten

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