The Best Superminis You Can Buy Right Now

While the SUV is the undisputed champion of the road right now, environmentally-conscious (and also those with shallower pockets) are more likely to invest in smaller vehicles such as superminis. These are great car choices for those who spend most of their time in the city as opposed to cruising the countryside. This is because they’re more economical, they’re lighter and faster around city environments and they can move with grace and style unlike bulkier SUVs and pickup trucks. To help you choose the right supermini for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of 4 popular superminis that are all the rage.

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is a practical car for the frugal-minded driver. IT’s a low-cost vehicle with a relatively large boot for its size class. It has solid build quality to give you a fantastic feeling of safety and quality, and it’s also incredibly cheap to run. However, it’s a little dull on the design aspects and it has a rather boring interior. The Fabia is a car -that most drivers will look to as an entry-level vehicle. It’s decently quick, has fantastic technology and it has a surprising amount of room which makes it perfect for driving friends and family around in the city.

Lancia/Chrysler Ypsilon

The Lancia Ypsilon (also known as the Chrysler Ypsilon) is a car that defies many of the general conventions that people have defined for vehicles. It’s a small car that is defined as an ultra-compact five-door supermini. It’s only 3.8 metres long but it’s surprisingly tall for its class. It’s a lovely car that sports a unique design and high ride, but if you can get used to it, then it’s a surprisingly efficient vehicle with plenty of onboard technology.

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero is perhaps one of the cheapest commercial vehicles available. It’s spacious, it has a lovely engine and the top-spec models are hard to beat in terms of value. However, it has some peculiar design choices on the lower-end models. In particular, the omission of a car stereo seems to be a strange choice that could actually put people off buying the budget versions. The handling is a little odd compared to its rivals, and it has the interior of a car that you might find in the 2000s. Overall, it’s a fantastic car for anyone who’s looking at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but don’t expect too many thrills with the Dacia Sandero.

Kia Rio

With a smooth engine and fantastic build quality, the Kia Rio looks like a car that is worth investing in. While it has a fantastic warranty and plenty of great features, there’s nothing noteworthy to mention about the Kia Rio when compared to competitors at its price point. However, if you’re considering a Kia Rio, then you’re most likely going to get it for its generous equipment and interior luxuries. If you’re the type of driver that prefers style over function, then the Kia Rio is a solid bet.




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