Beautifully Macabre Rugs – Home Design that Even Dexter Would Love

When I moved to Montreal a year ago, I noticed a peculiar thing: no one has carpets.

I’m not kidding… it’s just not done here. The people of Quebec seem to have an extreme allergy to that particular type of floor covering, and I still haven’t exactly figured out why. I’ve heard everything from “ewww, carpets are disgusting!” to “we’ll get them dirty from the snow” and just about any other variation on those two themes you could dream up. I knew the people of Quebec were strange ones, but still… why carpets?

Oh, but Rugs are Fine!

For a people so averse to carpets, they seem to have absolutely no problem buying rugs. Why? Who’s to say, but on this point I just so happen to agree. Given that my floor is one giant expanse of unbroken wood, I recently started searching around for an interesting rug or two to break up the monotony. What I quickly realized is that rugs have gotten a whole lot more exciting than I remember. In fact, some of the rugs I’ve seen on sites like Rug Traders are beautiful, stunningly unique, or both.

But what if you want something really wild? Well, that’s when you contract someone to make rugs like these ones that Antonio Santin created on canvas.

unique rugs

Why… isn’t that a strange looking crease in the carpet? Looks like someone got sloppy and swept something (or someone) under the rug.

really crazy rug

Figured out the theme yet? I’ll give you a hint… Dexter would probably approve. Actually, maybe he wouldn’t. I don’t remember him ever using rugs to do his business, but it’s entirely possible I just blocked it out. After all, the episodes got pretty terrible later on.

antonio santin carpet painting

I have a feeling this wasn’t what the artist was going for, but this kind of reminds me an ancient cave painting of an animal. I’ve always wanted my own cave paintings in the apartment…


With a mess like this, I’m guessing we’ll need the help of Martha Stewart to get things nice and clean again. The quicker you clean up your… wine stains… the better.


A small whale perhaps? Anything is possible in this wacky world.


You may be disappointed to hear that absolutely none of these are real. Created by the aforementioned New York artist Antonio Santin, these rugs currently only exist as canvas oil paintings. But guess what? That’s great news! Why? Because I’ve just given you an idea for an awesome new business. Who wouldn’t want to own a rug that looked like this? Seriously, I guarantee you would have the most memorable interior decoration on the whole block.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Antonio’s work, then be sure to check out his website and look around. He paints far more than just rugs, but his rugs sure are impressive.



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