Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Here’s a ten minute video of famous movie quotes from one of the manliest men alive, Arnold Schwarzenegger; also known as the Governator, the Terminator, the best actor ever known to mankind and many more awesome names.

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The video contains 160 famous Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes and below are some of our favorites:

“Hasta La Vista, Baby”

“I’ll Be Back”

“It’s Not A Tooma, Not A Tooma At All”

“I’m A Cop You Idiaaat”

“Get Down”

“I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle”

“No Problemo”

Have any favorites of your own? Leave us a message below!



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  1. I love Arnold. He’s an American success story. Good Govanator too until the idiot Ca peeps voted against his 5 bills which let the people vote on issues instead of Libtard CA politicians making policy. After that, and I don’t blame him one bit, he mentally checked out.


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