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You know, when I started writing this post, I intended to talk extensively about the angles and choice of lighting that Aneta Kowalczyk used to take such stunning portraits. I decided to scrap all of that because the truth of the matter is that these photos are so eye-catching because the models are incredibly pretty, and the scenes themselves are quite interesting. And the women are in various states of undress – there’s that too.

I don’t know how many women make a habit of bathing with their clothes on, but the scene is interesting just the same.  There’s something about black and white photography that just looks classy.

The model has now grown tired of sitting in the cold water with her clothes on, and so she’s moved towards the mirror to examine herself.

Exhausted from all that standing, she’s now fallen back into the bathtub.

Aneta Kowalczyk is a Polish born model/photographer currently living in Warsaw/Poland and Gotherburg/Sweden. Yes, she’s physically split between the two locations. You can see these photos, and many of her other stunning works at the Aneta Kowalczyk website.

(via My Modern Met)



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