Advice for the Whipped – Just Face It… You’re Whipped

Is your girlfriend boggling your mind…in a bad way? Your friends say you’re whipped and so does your family members, so why are you in denial? Here is some advice for the whipped.

You gave her your phone number, now she calls you 25 times a day at work, at home, wherever you are. You can’t run, you can’t hide, but you still carry your cell phone into the bathroom to avoid missing her call or when you are making a snack or dinner in the kitchen. Be honest…you are hooked. Do you need an intervention?

Do your friends say you are a different person? Have you come to that realization? Have you ditched your friends continuously for your girl? Your friends have noticed that you don’t go out with the boys anymore, not even for an hour!

Your taste for guy films and football has been put on the back burner while you now favor chick flicks and the ballet. Your life is changing, but maybe not for the better. You need lots of advice for the whipped.

She has you wrapped around her little finger. Any matters pertaining to going to see a movie, clothes, food, or house shopping require her approval. Don’t you miss the days when you could make a decision without having to get final approval? Again, you’re whipped.

You suddenly become more domesticated. You make sure your kitchen is clean and dishes are put away before your girl comes over. You learn to iron your shirts, create the perfect dinner, and you even accompany her when she decides she needs new lingerie or shoes. She no longer calls her friends to go shopping, she calls you. You may even help her with her dirty laundry. Oh well, you are her new best friend. Realize it now!

Then, the tender moments come that show you are totally whipped. You send her love messages via text. Even if it is just to say hi or check in on your day, to you a simple phone chat isn’t enough.

Please don’t say – you’re a sucker. Has she cheated on you and you return time and time again?

It’s safe to say you have lost all control and even turned on your dog. He still craves attention, ya know?

Does she make you happy and fulfilled? If no, you need more advice for the whipped.

Going out for a beer no longer requires permission. You can hang with your guy friends…it’s okay. Start to recognize the signs. Believe that you are stuck on the long end of the whip.

Don’t let your overbearing girlfriend manipulate you. Reverse your misfortune.




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