7 Bachelor Pad Essentials For the Modern Man Cave

Bachelor pads have come a long way since the days of curbside couches and TVs that live on the floor. The modern bachelor pad emphasizes personality, comfort, and maturity. Essentially, today’s bachelor pads are all about letting you know that an adult lives there and that they know how to take care of their space. If you’re building a man cave that will impress friends and love interests alike, here are seven bachelor pad essentials for your fresh new interior.

A luxurious memory foam mattress

A young professional needs as much sleep as possible. Luckily, a comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress from a highly-reviewed retailer like Essentia does the job, so you can step into work fresh-faced and eye-bag free. A good memory foam mattress supports all sleeping positions and provides body-hugging comfort for a bed that soothes while you sleep.

Quality bedding

Atop the memory foam mattresses, bachelors should have quality bedding sets with sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. You should also have either a comforter or a duvet with a cover. Lastly, bedding should be washed about once every two weeks to keep your room smelling fresh and clean.

Coordinating sets of dishes, cups, and utensils

Many bachelors have a handful of mix-and-match items from college, roommates, and housewarming gifts in the kitchen. For a modern man cave, the bachelor should have coordinating sets of plates, cups, and utensils. Dishes don’t have to match perfectly, but they should look like you put effort into coordinating them. Having more than two or three clean plates, cups, and forks is helpful, especially if you like to entertain.

Nice and clean towels

Getting out of the shower and drying off with a luxurious towel is a real treat. Bachelors don’t have to deny themselves the luxury of toweling off with a posh, clean towel. High-quality towels are affordable and easy to take care of with just a tumble in the washer.

Stick with one color (preferably not white if you’re worried about stains) or mix-and-match patterns of complementary colors. Keep enough towels in stock that you’ll have a clean one no matter which day you decide to do laundry.

Window treatments

Just because your bachelor pad looks fantastic doesn’t mean that all of your neighbors have to see it. Window treatments provide privacy, help maintain heating and cooling, and confer a sophisticated vibe. Stay away from boring, cheap window blinds and choose something more substantial. If you don’t have to worry about privacy, keep the windows open to let in fresh air throughout the day.

Living houseplants

Nothing warms up a home quite like houseplants. Along with adding lovely greenery, houseplants offer bachelors something low-maintenance to care for and take pride in.

Plants also act as natural air purifiers. Because these green friends consume CO2, they’ll always be happy to be talked to while you go about your chores or listen to your favorite podcasts.

Useful storage options

Rather than having your clothes all over the floor and your shoes in post-tornado positions, invest in useful storage options like attractive shoe racks and a durable dresser or armoire. Consider organizing your entryway so that you have a place to put your keys and other necessities, rather than just haphazardly throwing things down whenever you return home.

Wrap up

Redecorating your bachelor pad is the perfect opportunity for your home to reflect the maturity you’ve gained as you grow older. Adding in some of these essentials will take your man cave from caveman to modern man in record time.



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