8 Overlooked Parts of a Guy’s Home Decor

Most men aren’t known for their decorating skills. In fact, we’re renowned for our lack of interior décor. Case in point, the bachelor pad. It’s little more than a bed (sometimes a futon), a pool table and a fridge.

Need less to say, there are many small home décor details that aren’t anywhere on our radar. Many guys forget that home décor is a reflection of our personal style and swag. Think about the scene in Animal House when Otter takes Mrs. Wormer up to his room. You’re expecting a typical frat boy room, but instead it’s a swanky, intimate abode that causes Mrs. Wormer to kick off her shoes and relax.

That’s the power of cool and classic décor. If you’ve never given your interior décor a second thought you might have overlooked many opportunities to give your home a sense of your unique style. Here are a few ideas to get you started down the path to adult décor without the need for a weekend shopping excursion.

Put Together Bedding

Sure you may be adult enough to have 300-count Egyptian cotton sheets, but that’s where the bedding details end. The folks at Vision Bedding help a lot of guys up their sleeping game with customized sheet sets. Given that we spend a third of our life in bed, it’s worth it to invest in custom, stylish bedding. Bonus: you can get rugs and curtains to match for a completely put together look in one fell swoop.

Cluttered Corners

A quick (and free) way to instantly improve the look of your home is to declutter. First off, clutter is messy. It does nothing, but make your house look smaller, gather dust and distract from the actual décor. Sure that record collection is great, but wouldn’t it look more impressive neatly organized in a vintage bookcase?

Organization is a sign of adulthood. Take an hour or two to contain the clutter and you’ll immediately realize why your mom was always telling you to clean your room.

Flooring Coverings

There’s décor for the floor? Yeah, they’re called rugs. And as the Dude in The Big Lebowski says, they really tie a room together. Some rugs are meant to blend in with the flooring and others are definitely meant to stand out. They’re also a great way to add a bit of texture into the mix if you have tile or hardwood floors.

Bathroom Toiletry Holders

If you’ve ever had a bathroom without a medicine cabinet you’ll realize you need somewhere to put your toothbrush and toothpaste. Toiletry holders serve a functional purpose, but they can also be a design element. Classic materials like stainless steel and bamboo are always a good option since they’ll last forever and continue to look great.

Bathroom Towels

While we’re exploring bathroom décor take a look at your towels. Are they worn out, utilitarian swaths of absorbent cloth? Towels with a cool pattern can add a nice visual element to the bathroom and infuse a bit of color. Let’s be honest, many bathrooms are bland. Towels may be your only opportunity to show off your colorful personality.

Window Treatments

What’s that on your window? Is that a towel blocking the sunlight from disturbing your Saturday morning sleep in session? Your window treatments are a peek into your home from the outside. Send a good impression with stylish curtains or blinds that look good while serving a purpose. Take your window treatments to another level with smart shades that you can control with your phone.


You flip a switch and a light comes on. But where is that illumination coming from? A bare, overhead bulb that would only be acceptable in a closet or a cool mid-century modern lamp from your grandfather’s office? Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel in a room with minimal effort on your part. Start by covering any bare bulbs with classic linen lampshades and frosted glass ceiling light covers.

Wall Accessories

Coat racks, shelves, artwork – there are plenty of ways to take a bland wall and turn it into a part of your home décor. Some guys are also doing their own version of an accent wall by adding stone veneer or wood instead of a bold paint color.



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