5 Texts Every Sugar Daddy Loves Receiving from His Sugar Baby

Have you ever received a thoughtful text from someone you care about at precisely the right time? Does that person have a knack for knowing when you could use a little pick-me-up? If so, then you already know just how powerful texting can be when it comes to making your sugar relationships, especially when you can’t get together in person.

That said, if you’re not already using texting to add a little extra sunshine to your sugar daddy’s life, it’s officially time to start. So whether you’re a carefree young woman who likes making her sugar daddy smile or in a committed relationship with someone you’ve known for years, there are some texts that always hit the right notes. Here are some examples.

1.      “Good Morning” or “Good Night”

Every wealthy sugardaddy likes knowing that he’s the first thing on his girl’s mind in the morning and the last thing at night. Naturally, it’s ideal to say “good morning” or “good night” in person when you can, but you might be surprised how effective a simple text that says the same thing can be.

So if you know your guy has something going on the next day that he’s been stressing about, text him a quick “good night” and wish him luck before going to bed the night before. Or you can text him first thing in the morning to let him know you woke up thinking about him. It’s sure to give him a boost.

2.      Anything Flirty or Sexy

Men of all ages absolutely love it when the women they’re dating (or thinking about dating) send them fun, flirty texts out of the blue, and your man is no different. If he’s ever on your mind in a flirtatious context, he wants to hear about it, so don’t hold back.

What you say is up to you, but authentic and spontaneous is usually the best approach. Did something specific remind you of him or put him in your head? Have you been fantasizing about him or reminiscing about the last time the two of you got steamy? Tell him.

Or maybe you just want to show him how fantastic you look in that new lingerie you just bought, hoping that it leads to something spicier later on. Whatever you do, rest easy in the knowledge that it’s a great way to keep you on his mind, as well.

3.      Something to Make Him Laugh

The world’s happiest couples don’t adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their partners. Even when they can’t physically be together, they’re always thinking about one another, and they do each know that to some extent. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like being sweetly reminded once in a while.

One great way to reach out to your guy over text and say, “Hey, I was just thinking of you,” is to send him things you know will make him smile or laugh. It can be as simple as a funny meme you saw on Facebook or a cute photo you took of your pet being silly. If it makes you think of him and go, “He’d love this,” it’s worth sending.

4.      Random Compliment Texts

Compliments are something literally everyone could use a few more of, especially when they’re sincerely given by someone important. However, most men rarely to never receive compliments of any type, so your guy might appreciate receiving a random one from you over text even more than you realize. You already worked hard to find a rich sugar daddy, remember you stay mindful of what it might take to keep him.

Again, play your actual words by ear, but it may help to consider what type of compliment you know he’d love to hear at the moment. If he’s been feeling unappreciated at work lately, tell him how proud you are of all his hard work. If he’s been worried about a receding hairline or a gut he worries is too big, tell him how hot and sexy you think he is. You get the picture.

5.      “Miss You” Texts

Everyone loves to hear that they’re missed when they’re not around, and who better to hear it from than the primary object of your affection. Naturally, missing someone is never a good feeling, but letting the other person know can be very positive.

So, if you miss your sugar daddy, let him know. If you’ll be getting together soon, tell him how you can’t wait to see him. He’s almost certainly been missing you, too, and wishing you two could be together, and it’s always nice to know such a feeling is mutual.

Naturally, these are just a few sweet, caring texts a man would love to receive from the woman in his life, so don’t be afraid to get creative. He really wants to hear what’s on your mind, so tell him!




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