5 Essential Male Activities You Need to Try at Least Once

These days, most people feel like there are no gender-specific activities. Men might like doing something, and women will probably enjoy it just as much. Still, some activities feel like men should try them at least once in their lives, for tradition’s sake.

Let’s talk about a few quintessential male activities now. If you’re a man and you’ve lived your life up to this point without trying them, it’s probably time you got around to giving them a shot. You may find that you’ll fall in love with one of this list’s activities and want to do it often from this point forward.

Ride a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle comes with some particular risks. If you wreck a motorcycle, you’re much more likely to suffer serious injury than if you hit something with a car. Motorcycle riding is a lot of fun, though, and every man should try it at some point if they want to get their adrenaline flowing.

You might enjoy riding a Harley Davidson if you’re ready to give the motorcycle life a try. You can buy one, but if you’re not sure whether you’ll like motorcycle riding or not, you should rent one first.

You can absolutely do that, but make sure that you take some lessons beforehand. You can’t just hop on a motorcycle and assume you know how to ride it. Ask a friend or relative for riding lessons if you know someone who owns a motorcycle, or you can probably find someone online to teach you if you look around for a bit.


Every man should try getting back to nature occasionally, and camping lets you do that. You can look around for national parks in your area or anywhere else that allows camping and lets you get out into the woods and away from human habitation.

You can take some time to hike or simply find a quiet place to sit and enjoy your surroundings. You can bring some hot dogs, marshmallows, or anything else you like and cook them over an open flame. Making a fire seems primal, as does getting out in the woods and away from a city’s lights.

You can do that with a partner or spouse, or you can bring some of your friends. Maybe you’ll take this opportunity to reconnect with them if you haven’t seen them in a while. You can talk about old times you had together as children, or you might discuss your plans for the future.

Tackle a Major Home Improvement Project

Some men enjoy working with their hands and try home improvement projects whenever they get a chance. Others don’t do that very often, and they hire individuals to come to their homes to take care of those projects for them.

If you belong to the latter category, you should try doing a big home improvement project yourself at some point. Working with your hands can calm and center you. You might start with small tasks like changing some light bulbs, installing a new battery-operated doorbell, or setting up a cat tree.

You can work up to installing some new tile backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Maybe you’ll build a new bulkhead door for a root cellar if you have a warped or water-damaged one at the moment. You might build a doghouse by hand or do some plumbing or electrical work.

You might learn that you’re better with your hands and home improvement jobs than you thought. You can often find out how to do the tasks we mentioned by watching some handy online videos. If you learn some home improvement skills, you’ll feel proud when you complete a project, and you can save money at the same time.


burning wood bbq

All men should get a grill if they have the space for it. If you’ve got a deck or patio, that’s ideal. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a small apartment terrace, there’s always room for a grill. The age-old debate of Masterbuilt vs Traeger might cross your mind as you embark on your grilling adventure. Both brands offer a range of grilling options, and choosing between them can be a fun part of the process. Regardless of your choice, firing up the grill lets you create culinary masterpieces, from sizzling hot dogs and burgers to experimenting with smoking brisket or grilling seafood and veggies. The communal atmosphere around a grill is unbeatable, making it an excellent way to bond with friends, neighbors, or coworkers while relishing the delicious results of your efforts. So, if you haven’t embraced the world of grilling yet, it’s time to ignite those flames and savor the flavors of outdoor cooking.

If you don’t eat meat, you might grill salmon or another seafood entrée. If you don’t eat either meat or fish, you can grill some vegetables. You might even grill veggie burgers or other non-meat entrees you can find at most grocery stores these days.

You’ll enjoy the communal atmosphere when people gather around a grill. It is an easy way to make friends and rekindle relationships.

Do Your Taxes or Set Up an Investment Portfolio

Some men feel like they’re bad with money. You can learn better financial practices at any age, though. You might take some time to do your taxes one year or set up a basic investment portfolio for your future.

You can always pay H&R Block or TurboTax to do your taxes, but if they’re relatively simple, you can save money by doing them yourself. If you only have one income source, your taxes shouldn’t seem like such a mystery to you.

If you have any money to invest, you can create a portfolio that starts with a 401K if your job offers you one. If it doesn’t, you can set up an IRA for yourself instead. You can buy into a mutual fund, or you can purchase a few stocks that you think will do well.

If you keep learning about money as you get older, and you make a sincere effort to save and plan for your future, that teaches you responsibility. There’s never a wrong time for all men to do that.



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