5 Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

Last year’s pandemic lockdowns have forced a significant number of people to pursue new hobbies in an attempt to keep themselves entertained at home. Learning to play an instrument is one hobby you might seriously want to consider, not just because it’s one of the things that makes a man more attractive, but also for the many psychological and cognitive benefits it yields, such as the following:

Improved Cognitive Ability

Many studies have proven that playing music significantly boosts your cognitive ability not just because of how it’s able to stimulate your brain, but also because of the rules, theories, and patterns that musicians need to understand. It also encourages focus, as music is all about precision. Studies have also proven that music also improves memory, which in turn, helps lower the risk of developing dementia and other cognitive conditions.

Better Creativity

It can be monotonous when you’re forced to play the same patterns over and over again. Music has always been about creativity and the application of the musical theories and techniques you’ve learned. Understanding music not only allows you to create new music, but this creativity can also help wire your brain to approach problems in a more resourceful manner.

Stress Relief

Listening to music can have a relaxing effect on the body because it stimulates regions of the brain that are linked to the experience of emotions. Listening to fast music can help improve focus while slow music can have a calming effect. The same is true to a higher extent when playing music because this is similar to the feeling artists get while painting because it is a manner of self-expression and self-realization.

Patience and Attention to Detail

Learning to play music also helps train patience when trying to learn a new piece. While some musicians may find it easy to learn a new composition, it always takes more time to perfect its execution. Beginners learn new songs by learning a song by section. Taking the patience to understand the song and the techniques needed to perfect the song helps train the mind to be more patient when trying to figure out a problem.

This also helps create the habit of starting slow and learning a craft first before stepping things up. This is applicable in other pursuits such as your studies, or even at the gym, where it’s important to perfect your form and technique before increasing your load and rep count.

Increased Confidence

You don’t necessarily have to perform in front of a crowd to develop your confidence through playing an instrument, but it inculcates within you the importance of practice and preparation. Whether it’s for your own entertainment and also that of others, you’re bound to rehearse your piece before performing. This habit of preparation teaches you the importance of preparedness, which grants you the confidence to put yourself out there, whether it’s a musical recital, a job interview, or a date.

Learning how to play a musical instrument is also one of the best hobbies you can take on because of the availability of resources online. Websites like https://www.learnviolinlessons.net make it easy for beginners to pick up the skill at their own convenience. Remember to never stagnate, and to always keep learning and evolving.




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