4 Important Tips On How To Make The Barbeque Steak of Year

Who doesn’t love a perfect, crispy, and juicy piece of steak? When it comes to cooking steak, the techniques and attention to detail are more important than your cooking sense. Even if you are not a professional chef or a cooking expert, you can still cook the perfect steak with some scrutiny and useful tips in place. Consider these 4 important tips to make the best barbeque steak.

Buy Grass-fed Meat

The key to delicious steak is high-quality, grass-fed meat. By getting the primary ingredient right, you can achieve a sizzling and juicy piece of steak. When buying the ingredient, pick a cut with marbled textures and rich color. Most chefs recommend using ribeye as it makes the perfect steak. Since ribeye has higher marbled fat content, it offers the best flavor profile. Even though it is more expensive than the flat iron and flank cuts, the rich texture and juicy, buttery flavor make the investment worthwhile.

If you need to shop on a tight budget, pick a flat iron cut. It is equally tender, well-marbled, and ideal for grilling. On the other hand, if you have the luxury, pick a filet mignon cut, which is the most expensive of all. It has the richest flavor profile and is extremely tender. You can either grill these cuts or add them to recipes to enhance their taste. Even though grass-fed meat is more expensive than the regular kind, it is healthier and tastier.

Pay Attention to Marinating and Seasoning

While most steaks need just salt and pepper as their seasoning, others may need additional marination to enhance their flavor. Thicker cuts can be seasoned with salt and pepper after they are grilled. However, thinner cuts can be dipped in a mixture of lime juice, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic, and cilantro before they are grilled. Once the cuts soak up the flavors from the mixture, brush them with salt, pepper, and canola oil before placing them on the grill.

The type of marinade and seasoning you use also depends on the dish and type of steak you are cooking. Steak skewers and smoked tri tip steak are two barbeque recipes that need additional marination for enhanced flavor and a crispy texture. Richer cuts like ribeye and filet mignon need just olive oil, salt, and pepper as seasoning. Chefs recommend using extra seasoning for a richer taste.

Control the Cooking Time and Temperature

You don’t want to burn your steak but cook it to perfection. For this, pay extra attention to the cooking time and temperature as it can affect the internal texture and surface of your steak. Before you check the temperature of the grill, make sure that the cut is at room temperature for even cooking. If not, the meat will not cook thoroughly. Use a thermometer and keep an eye on the timer when grilling the steak, especially if it is your first time.

While the cooking time and temperature must be monitored, you should also pay attention to the resting time. Let the cooked cut rest for a few minutes before slicing and serving it. The resting period allows the meat to seal in the flavors and make the cut juicier and more tender. When slicing the steak, hold the knife against the lines and slice across the grains.

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Keep Searing Your Steak

Do not leave your steak alone even for a second. Keep searing it and let the juices caramelize to create a crispier texture. Contrary to popular belief, searing does not make the steak juicer but it definitely enhances the texture and flavor. Whether you are baking, roasting, or grilling your steak, keep searing the piece of meat to get better flavor and color. In a way, the darker color of the seared steak makes it look more appetizing.

You can simply brush the meat surface with olive oil when cooking it on the grill or pour a marinade mixture for the extra sizzle. Make sure that the grill is hot before placing the cut on the surface. This will give you perfect barbeque lines on its surface. Sear the steak on one side for 2 to 3 minutes and flip it. Add a dollop of butter and serve hot.

By implementing these 4 tips, you can make the perfect steak and impress your friends and family. You can either serve the steak as it is or add a side of salad and sauces to enhance the flavor profile. With some patience and practice, you can cook the perfect steak every time you take on the task of cooking. You no longer have to go to the restaurant to eat perfectly-cooked steak as these tips will help you make it at home at a low price.



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