Wife Watches Husband Open Mindblowing New Watch From Nove

The Modena Chronograph

I know this may come off as a little bit stereotypical, but I am a little materialistic. However, I can frankly say with both hands on my heart, fingers uncrossed, that this is the second best 8 inch long metal object that I don’t own.

Watches, and other jewelry, hold a special place in my heart because they don’t just indicate status or wealth. They are a feat of strength and courage – and certainly a lot of confidence, too. Wearing big brass earrings or a pearly necklace attracts a lot of eyes. Even my own. Many people can’t handle those eyes, and I am one of those people, as is my husband. Which is why a wife watches when her man opens something as shiny as this, and a wife watches even more closely when he jams his fist into it because he forgot to unloosen the strap. What can I say, I like a good watch.

The Titles

Wife Watches husband open Nove Modena Box

Having a title, such as a lady, or a woman, or even a mistress is enticing and makes you feel powerful in your own little powerless way. So it may have been the first thing that drew me to pick out this watch for my husband on Nove’s sublime website, among some other wife watches that may have even been superfluous for someone like me. This watch, on the other hand, had ‘husband watch’ written all over it. Translated to the Modena Chronograph.

This Swiss made watch had style, fashion and function. It even compliments its own packaging almost as much as it compliments my husband’s thick veiny wrist. I could see the quality rising, and I was immediately determined to make something else rise. That great performance that the watch synonymized was about to witness another great performance, rubbing against my hips soon enough.

Strong Components

Nove Modena Chronograph Case back

Something about the Modena Chronograph had a pure sexy vibe going on, and my husband has a lot going on for him since he still works out, bless him. A perfect fit, I thought. Glad I did. Perhaps it was the three sturdy knobs on the side, or the three dial components within, but when I watched my husband rip this thing out of its packaging somehow so delicately, I knew I had my own three holes that needed filling.

The components of the clock had their own magnitude in such a small package. The day of the week hand made it easier for my husband to remember when he could have his way with me. The minute counter ticked slower than my heart, but was a gentle reminder of our precious time together that he could now never forget. And the second hand made me realize that often I need a second hand with him. Perhaps even a third and fourth hand as his wife watches. With this watch adding to his already perfect body figure, I suddenly needed to give him everything he ever wanted.

Design To Match

Nove Modena Chronograph Screw down crown

I saw a lot of myself in this watch, which is why I wanted it wrapped around my husband so tightly. Just watching it was mind blowing, and subsequently made me lose my mind around him all over again. The hands, for starters. They had attracted special attention, and had enhanced accuracy, even with the lights off. Just the way I like it. All moody and sensual, all day every day until my husband takes it off, and then I take off the rest.

The Modena Chronograph only has 0.2mm extra thickness from the similar 13.7mm Automatic, which I’ll admit didn’t quite grab my attention the same way. I just like a little extra thickness is all. And that, the Modena provides. As a result, it’s slightly heavier I imagine, but after all I’m not wearing the watch, but I do love some heavy weight on top of me pretty often so it’s not really an issue at all.


If you’re looking for a toy that you can take out with you and look exquisite whilst wearing it, and make your wife want to wear something exquisite as a result, then this is the watch for you. It has given my husband a great deal of confidence, a splash of humility, and an astonishingly increased sex appeal. Now if you’ll excuse me, that’s enough watching for now.

Nove Watch Packaging disappointment
Who packages a watch box in a padded envelope?




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