2024 Volvo V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered Review

Did you know that the 2024 V60 Polestar Engineered is not just a pretty face, but a technological marvel that perfectly fuses performance with sustainability?

I’ve spent some quality time with this fantastic machine, and it’s an impressive blend of speed, handling, and efficiency. From its powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain to its meticulously crafted interior, there’s a lot to admire about this model. However, it’s the forward-thinking engineering that truly sets it apart, with enhancements that promise a driving experience like no other.

So, what makes this vehicle so special? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and find out.

2024 Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered Front

2024 Volvo V60 Prices and Availability

The Volvo V60 is one of only a handful of wagons currently available in Canada; now that I think about it, it’s the only wagon currently for sale (please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve looked around and can’t find any other wagons (that are not jacked up like the Cross Country/All-Terrain etc versions).

The options are even more limited even within the Volvo wagon family, as the V60 is only available in the T8 Polestar trim, not counting the V60 Cross Country. The 2024 Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered wagon has a starting price of $77,500, it’s a hefty price, but this is a fully loaded version of the V60 and there are no additional optional packages, you can add some accessories.

V60 Polestar Powertrain Upgrades

So, what exactly has changed with the V60 Polestar’s powertrain for 2024?

First off, the battery capacity has significantly increased from 9.1 to an impressive 14.9 kilowatt-hours. This upgrade not only extends the vehicle’s electric range but also boosts its overall fuel economy.

Let’s not forget the electric motor powering the rear axle, which has seen a considerable increase from 87 to a whopping 143 horsepower. The result? Enhanced overall performance that’s remarkably noticeable when you’re behind the wheel.


Under the hood, the 2024 V60 Polestar boasts a host of performance enhancements that significantly boost its power and capabilities. The V60 Polestar is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 engine, producing a combined output of 455 horsepower and torque of 523 pound-feet, making for an exciting ride.

Since the V60 Polestar Engineered is the performance-oriented version of the car it’s based on (S60/V60), it comes with driving modes, which are not found on regular versions of Volvo vehicles. There are four driving modes, outlined below:

  1. The ‘Hybrid’ mode is the default, balancing between the electric motor and the gas engine for optimum efficiency.
  2. ‘Power’ mode utilizes all 455 horses, delivering a thrilling driving experience.
  3. The ‘Pure’ mode offers a serene, all-electric drive for short distances.
  4. ‘Individual’ mode allows personalization of the driving settings to suit individual preferences.

The suspension adjustments in the V60 Polestar further enhance the driving dynamics. The Öhlins dampers can be manually tweaked to transform the ride from soft and comfortable, to sporty and firm. This enables the car to switch seamlessly between a comfortable cruiser and a spirited sports wagon. The car’s handling dynamics are impressive, with minimal body roll and crisp cornering, thanks to a well-judged balance between the front and rear suspension setups.

The V60 Polestar, indeed, offers a driving experience that’s second to none.

Electric-Only Range and Economy

Taking a closer look at the 2024 V60 Polestar’s electric-only range and overall fuel economy reveals some substantial improvements over previous models. The increased battery capacity and enhanced electric motor contribute significantly to its fuel efficiency.

Here are some noteworthy aspects:

  1. The charging time: With a full charge taking approximately five hours on a 240-volt Level 2 charging equipment, it’s quite manageable. However, slow AC charging could pose a hassle for those needing midday top-ups.
  2. AC vs DC charging: The car primarily relies on AC charging which, although slower than DC, is widely accessible and convenient for home use.
  3. Range anxiety: The improved electric-only range significantly reduces range anxiety, providing drivers the freedom to commute without the constant worry of running out of charge. And when they run out of charge, the gasoline engine will provide hundreds of kilometers of extra driving range.

The 2024 Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered has an official fuel consumption rating of 8.0/7.2/ 7.6 liters/100 km in city/highway/combined driving. Most of my drives consisted of around 50 kilometers per day, which was taken care of by the battery since I was able to fully charge it overnight on my humble 120-volt outlet. However, if you do run out of electrons and just drive on gasoline only, the V60 T8 should be able to match the claimed numbers.

Exterior and Interior Highlights

2024 Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered Side

Having explored the impressive technical specifications of the 2024 Volvo V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered, we can now shift our attention to the exterior and interior features that define its aesthetic appeal and overall comfort.

The exterior styling of the V60 Polestar is both sophisticated and bold. Aggressive cues, such as the gloss black grille and unique 20-inch alloy wheels, are balanced by a mature design that promises to age well. The gold brake calipers and Polestar badging add a touch of exclusivity.

The V60 in the regular and Polestar trims are beautiful-looking vehicles. Although these cars have been around for many years, it was still a head-turner. I love station wagons and the V60 is the best-looking wagon you can buy in North America. It’s extremely elegant and sporty at the same time. I felt very “European” driving around in the V60.

2024 Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered Interior

Inside, the V60 excels in interior comfort. The sporty leather seats with contrast stitching offer a plush feel, while the carbon fiber trim and suede headliner further elevate the cabin’s luxurious ambiance. The Bowers & Wilkins premium sound system delivers high-quality audio.

Other than the gold/yellow seatbelts, which match the brake pads, I didn’t notice any differences between the V60 Polestar and other models like the S60, V60, and V60 Cross Country.

Final Thoughts on the 2024 Volvo V60 Polestar Engineered

The 2024 Volvo V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered, is one of those cars that is practical, beautiful, and fun to drive. In my humble opinion, there are no compromises with this vehicle. It can serve as a family vehicle for driving around with the kids in comfort, with the practical wagon form, it can also swallow a lot of “stuff.” It can be driven like a sports car, with the massive amount of power provided by the turbocharged engine and the electric motor, but it’s also fuel-efficient thanks to its plug-in hybrid system and 64 kilometers of electric-only driving range. However, it is on the expensive side and it does not qualify for any Canadian EV rebates.

For more information on the V60 and other Volvo vehicles, please visit Volvo Canada’s website.




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