2013 BMW 7 Series

When I think of a mass produced large luxury car the first thing that pops up in my head is the Mercedes-Benz S Class and then maybe the Audi A8 and Lexus LS.  For some reason the BMW 7 Series never crosses my mind, I wonder if most other car enthusiasts think the same way.

BMW is hoping to make their 7 Series flagship sedan more memorable with the 2013 model, although this model has been in production for 4 years and the 2013 model gets a minor facelift and a few upgrades.

On the outside the new 7 Series sedan gets updated headlights that make use of LED lights, the front grill now comes with 9 vertical slants in the kidney grill instead of 12, new front bumper, and turn signal lights under the rear-view mirrors.

2013 BMW 7 Series Interior

The minor upgrades on the inside include a new 1,200 watt Bang & Olufsen sound system with optional 9.2” rear monitors, redesigned front leather seats, and customizable digital instrument panel with four settings.

The new for 2013 BMW 7 Series sedan will be available at dealerships in North America later in the summer.




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  1. I have owned 6 BMW’s. I picked up my latest about two months ago, a 2013 750Li fully loaded with an M package. My last 7 was a 2003. This new one makes the 2003 feel like an antique. What an extraordinary car the 2013 is. I would agree that it doesn’t seem to be as top-of-mind as the Benz or the Audi, but I like that. It feels more exclusive. BMW’s reputation is that of being a driving machine. This car is thart and more. The other marks are well known for different reasons than the Bimmer – one extreme luxury, a car to be driven around in, not driven and the other is a BMW want-to-be. I test drove the S550 and the Audi A8. Both excellent cars in their own right, in their own way. I had two Benz dealers tell me that BMW was technologically better than the Benz and engineered to standards geared to drivers.

    The 7 is one of my favorite cars, in town or on the highway. I will look at the new 7 and the S-Series in three years and decide which to go with but for now, I have one of the finest stock built production sedans on the road. By the way, I get more comments and positive reactions to this car than I ever expected. I like a car that is not being driven by everyone. Try it. BMW is extraordinary!!!!


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