2012 Transformers Special Edition Camaro

Thanks to General Motors, now you too can look like that geek Shia Labeouf (who, we just found out, banged Megan Fox, or so he says).  The car in questions is of course the yellow Camaro, also known as Bumblebee.

GM is releasing a special edition car to go with the third installment in the Transformers franchise (Transformers: Dark Of The Moon), dubbed the Transformers Special Edition Camaro.  The Bumblebee Camaro can be ordered starting in July and is expected to be delivered in the fall.  Too bad it doesn’t arrive any sooner for the fan boys to drive it to the movie’s premier today (June 29, 2011).  The Bumblebee package will cost you $3,000 on top of the regular price of either the 2LT or 2SS Camaro coupe.

So does this car actually transform into a robot and does the lovely Megan Fox (I know she’s not in the 3rd movie but I prefer her over that Rosie chick) come with the car?  The answer is no and hell no!  You do get a yellow paint job with black stripes on the hood, roof, and the trunk.  The car also comes with blacked-out 20” wheels with Autobot logo center caps and Autobot badges on the fenders.  There will be optional 21” wheels and ground effects packages available at the dealership for an undisclosed extra cost, to make the Camaro look even more like the movie car.

The 2012 Transformers Special Edition Camaro gets an upgraded interior with black leather trim and yellow stitching on the seats, dashboard, and the door panels.  The Autobot logo is also stamped on the headrests and center console lid.


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