1966 Little Honda P25 by Chicara Nagata

If done right, custom motorcycles can be quite nice looking, no I’m not talking about the crap shops like OCC make, there are lots of motorcycle shops that make some incredible custom bikes.  Here’s an example of a custom bike that’s simple, beautiful, and completely original.  The 1966 Little Honda P25 by Japanese custom bike builder and artist, Chicara Nagata.

The idea behind this bike came when Chicara was asked by a security camera company to come up with an artistic design for a surveillance camera.  A surveillance camera doesn’t get more artistic than this; the little Honda moped IS the security camera in question.

1966 Honda P25 custom bike by Chicara Nagata

Chicara took a 1966 Honda P25 moped and turned it into this work of art; it looks nothing like the original and features space age looks.  The bike comes with four HD cameras; one in the front inside the LED headlight, one in the LED taillight, and one on each side of the bike frame, giving the security team a full 360 degree view of the surroundings.

Need to move the surveillance camera to a different location?  Simply hop on the bike and bring the massive 49 cc engine to life, you’ll have 1.2 horsepower and 1.81 pound-feet of torque available at your right wrist, giving you a maximum speed of 30 km/h (18.6 mph).  Not too bad for a surveillance camera.  [Via]

1966 Little Honda P25 – Chicara Nagata Photo Gallery




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