Yearly Resolutions – Training, Trainers, and “Stunting”


So now that the world has yet to end I suppose it’s not only time for me to ACTUALLY go Christmas shopping, but to also consider my yearly resolutions. I suppose I could resolve to get into a shape other than roundish, but I find those sorts of nebulous goals don’t really pan out. So, lets get a little more specific about my resolution. I resolve to wear trainers in the new year.

Now yes, it’s true that I am an American and we simply refer to them as “Shoes” or the more colloquial “Sneakers”. It’s just that if I use the word trainers then it makes me feel as if I were actually training for something and who knows what it is. Why there are trainers for marathons, cycling, basketball, football both American and European, and many other activities I didn’t know were sports.

Stunting with the JD Heroes

Now trainers aren’t confined just to the world of sports and other sports like activities. Some people enjoy wearing them as fashion accessories, and can be used for “stunting.” Now if I understand Rap at all, and I’m sure I don’t, I do believe stunting is when a male does sweet flips and stuff to attract The Ladies.

Are they “stunting” correctly?

If “stunting” is your main use of trainers, I would suggest the style that has the air bubble in the heel. The enhanced cushioning affect is sure to make sure you don’t injure yourself in your quest for love.

Trainers also make great statements about the type of person you are. A set of high tops might say “I’m whimsical and yearn for times of olde!” While a nice pair of basketball shoes endorsed by a retired athlete might say “I have more money than sense.” My personal favorite are seeing young folk in leopard print shoes, proudly proclaiming “I am a wanker!”

If you have a favorite type of trainer, you can vote for it through the JD Heroes campaign using the Twitter hashtags and you could win 12 pairs of classic trainers. See the full range of trainers at

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