Truly Underground Artwork – Stockholm Metro Stations


Stockholm and Montreal, Canada, have two things in common: they both have a labyrinthine network of subways, and they both get an absolute shit-ton of snow during the winter months. In the latter case, it means that the citizens of said places tend to spend a lot of time traveling underground via metro. It’s a dreary existence for both, but that’s where the similarities end. You see, the Stockholm metro stations are a different beast entirely. Sweden was smart and decided to do something magical to their metro stations.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to take a ride on the STM here in Montreal, then you know how *ahem* bomb-shelter-like the stations are. They truly are a relic of another era, and unfortunately, no one has bothered to spruce them up much over the years. Sure, a few of the stations have some creepy Communist-looking scrawling, but nothing like this…

Alexander Dragunov – The Stockholm Metro

stockholm metro station artwork

If I didn’t know better I would suggest that those are palm trees sticking out near the top of those uh, candy canes up there. I’m not hallucinating, am I?

rainbow metro station

Well, this is certainly one way to cheer people up. It’s like a beautiful rainbow under a vast sheet of ice. Not quite as nice as one would find in the sky, but given that this is the Stockholm metro system and not an exotic jungle vacation spot in the middle of summer, well… I’m sure they take what they can get.

greek looking metro station

If you’ve got a craving for Greek food, then this is the perfect station for you. I’m guessing that it does not in fact have anything whatsoever to do with Greek food, but that’s how I read this.

stockholm underground art

Out of all of these art instaltions and paintings, I find this one the least warming. Sure, you’ve got nice fluffy clouds, but the artist seems to be indicating that they came crashing down to earth.

metro station paintings

This looks a lot like a cave, but in a good way. If only Golum had picked this as his lair, then none of that depressing business would have ever happened. I’m telling you, he’s got the worst case of SAD ever. Get out of the house, man. There’s more to the world than your cave, or in this case, the Stockholm metro system.

modern cave paintings

Cave paintings… but not really. I hate to say it, but in this case I think the cave people of yesteryear had a better eye for detail. I can’t imagine what’s going on in this scene, but I think that it’s golfing related.

metro station like a cave

This… is a nutbuster. Again, I have no idea what the giant candelabra type deal is on the roof there, but I want it for my place, along with the crazy laser shooting eye on the floor there.

cheese volcano underground

This has a rather volcanic look to it, though slightly cheesier. No, I mean like… actual cheese. It’s sort of like a cheese volcano of deliciousness, and that’s why I declare this particular piece the cheeriest of the entire collection.

Alexander Dragunov – Better than the Sniper Rifle

See what I did there? Yagh… anyway, if you’re interested in seeing more of Alexander’s excellent photography, then head over to his official website and take a good long look around the place. He doesn’t just photograph metro stations, no son… he’s branched out streets and even people as well!


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