Travel in Style with the Futuria Luxury Motorhome

Nothing’s better than traveling the country on your summer holidays than traveling in a motorhome.  Motorhomes are a home away from home, even though they are hated by the likes of Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear; they’re still cool in my book as long as they’re as cool as the Futuria.

The Futuria is a luxury motorhome (or shall we call it a yacht?) and is like no other I’ve ever seen.  It features a luxurious interior with a bedroom, a bathroom and a Jacuzzi on its 11 foot roof terrace!  The Futuria is also equipped with a powerful sound system for partying and even has a fog system.  The best feature of the Futuria is the garage inside the motorhome for your supercar!  Can you say lifestyle of the rich and famous?

The Futuria’s exterior is just as cool as the interior; it looks like it came out of a futuristic sci-fi movie.  The only down side is, it cost $840,000!

[Source: Futuria]

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